Steelheart vs. CB-6000


At some point shortly after Belle and I began to use enforced male chastity in our relationship, I discovered the Steelworxx Steelheart. We had purchased the CB-6000 as our first device (or, like so many others, some other CB-X000 variant), but the Steelheart was always on my mind. After spending about six months over the course of a year locked into a CB-6000, I was fortunate enough in October 2009 to acquire a Steelheart of my own.

I’ve now spent a fair bit of time locked in stainless. I’ve posted my thoughts over a handful of entries here on my blog, but it now feels like the right time to compile them all in one place. Plus, since the CB-6000 appears to be the single most popular male chastity device on the market, it also seems useful to take this opportunity to compare and contrast it against the Steelheart. I will compare the two devices in five areas: fit, comfort, security, hygiene, and stealth.

If you’re unfamiliar with the CB-6000 or enforced male chastity in general, you might want to read my CB-6000 tips and tricks article first. It covers a lot of basics.

Meet my Steelheart

My Steelheart is comprised of five components:

  1. Stainless steel 5/8″, 4 ga captive bead PA ring
  2. Integrated lock mechanism
  3. 40 mm A-ring
  4. Custom-made continuous PA fixing
  5. 105 mm chastity tube with 35 mm interior diameter (finished with the optional ring)

The PA ring didn’t come with the device, but I consider it part of the device since it interacts with the PA fixing and creates a perfectly secure system (described in more detail below).

Here’s a short video I made demonstrating how the whole thing comes together (described by some as “kind of like watching dentistry, only with a penis”).

Side-by-side Comparison Photos
These pictures illustrate how the CB-6000 (chrome finish) compares with the Steelheart. Note that the CB6K is fitted with the shortest spacer and the middle A-ring (45 mm). The Steelheart is equipped with a 45 mm A-ring (later replaced).

Every CB-6000 ships with 20 fitting combinations in the box. Combined with the optional short tube, the four spacer sizes and five A-ring diameters create 40 possible fitting combinations. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone new to enforced male chastity. All that flexibility allows one to find the right fit for their body (as well as allowing their body to adjust over time since what’s comfortable when you start is not what’s comfortable six months or a year later).

That being said, the Steelheart offers hundreds of fitting combinations. The tube can be ordered any length between 85 mm and 130 mm and has four internal diameter options between 29 mm and 44 mm. The A-ring can be ordered in six different sizes from 38 mm to 50 mm. This allows a much more customized fit than the CB6K. The trick, of course, if knowing what you need before investing hundreds of dollars in non-returnable German steel.

In the CB6K, I had settled into a combination of the 45 mm middle A-ring and the shortest spacer. That resulted in a tube length of about 110 mm. The advertised internal diameter of the CB6K is about 35 mm. “About” since the tube is actually oval-shaped being wider than it is tall in cross-section. I decided to stick with a 45 mm A-ring in the SH but took 5 mm from the tube length since the SH tube is more rounded and the CB6K’s is tapered (and therefore never completely full). I also decided to go with the 35 mm diameter since the next lower option is 29 mm and that seemed ridiculously narrow.

In practice, I found the 45 mm ring to be far too large. I attribute this to several factors. First, the materials interact with the skin very differently. The plastic tends to grip better than the steel. Second, the CB6K ring is at least twice as wide as the SH and is flat against the body while the SH ring is rounded. More surface in contact means more gripping. Finally, and probably the biggest factor, the SH is much heavier than the CB6K. Based on all this, I decided to order a smaller A-ring. Since my SH has an integrated lock, I had to send the entire unit back so the different parts of the locks could be fitted properly. That was kind of a pain, but understandable.

The end result is I now have an exceptionally well-fitted device. There is little I can imagine doing to it that would make it fit better.

“Comfort” is a tricky thing to discuss. Personally, I’m not looking for a device that is so comfortable that I don’t even know it’s there. I think a certain amount of tolerable discomfort is a hallmark of living in enforced chastity. I also kink on the bondage aspect of chastity and am more than a little bit of a masochist (OK, I’m a pain slut). Therefore, what’s comfortable for me might not be for you. Rather than trying to convert you all to my way of thinking, I’ll focus on intrinsic properties of each device that contribute to their relative comfort.

Near the beginning of nearly every stint in one of my CB-6000s, I end up with a irritated spot on the upper right side of my scrotum between the A-ring and the tube. Not just some times. Almost every single time. I suspect this is caused by the fact that my right testicle sits a little higher than my left leaving that side of the scrotum with just a bit less wiggle room and in contact with the device more often (most notably during erections). The area of irritation lines up with a seam on the A-ring where the three pieces come together. The extra contact has a cumulatively irritating effect. I suspect the wide surface area of the ring and its sharp corners contribute as well. I have experienced a much more mild version of this with the Steelheart, but not as often. I attribute this increased comfort to the combined fact that the ring is narrower and a solid smooth piece with a slightly wider gap between the ring and tube.

With the chrome version of the CB6K, I’ve found the interior of the tube to also cause irritation. Unlike the clear version, the chrome device has what appears to be unfinished paint overspray inside the tube. This causes roughness which has resulted in friction sores on the penis shaft more than once. This is especially annoying since I can’t actually see into the tube and haven’t always been able to feel them as they develop. It’s so bad that I’ve pretty much taken the chrome tube out of rotation for use of periods longer than just a few days.

While I have not yet seen anything like this with the Steelheart, the PA fixing running up both sides inside the tube has caused momentary pinching in the past (usually as erections begin or subside). This may cause issues over time, but it hasn’t so far after about three weeks of wearing.

There are three areas of the Steelheart that I have found can lead to discomfort. The more severe of them is the integrated brass lock mechanism. At certain times, mostly when sitting, the sharp edge of the lock can come into contact with the skin above the penis causing a very distinct pain. It’s never broken the skin, but it certainly feels like it might. I resolved this by rounding off the edges of the lock with fine grit sandpaper (as you can see in the image).

The other sharp spot is at the top of the A-ring where an area has been leveled-off in order to attach the female half of the lock system. As you can see in the picture, the skin there tends to roll up against the edge. I’ve found that, over time, I’ve become accustomed to this and it no longer creates any real discomfort, but it was somewhat annoying for the first few weeks.

Finally, I’ve found that a weld at the bottom of the tube which attaches a ring along its edge can be a problem. The ring is supposed to make the device more comfortable by providing a round edge at the opening of the tube, but occasionally (and for reasons I can’t identify), one of its welds can irritate the skin underneath the shaft of the penis right where it meets the top of the scrotum. I wouldn’t categorize this irritation as anything more than “moderately annoying”, but I’ve seen it twice now so it’s no fluke.

In my experience, a trapped-ball style chastity device cannot be made perfectly secure (in which “secure” means the chastised male cannot get out unless the device is unlocked). They’re deterrents, nothing more. A barrier between a man and his desire to do something with his cock. These devices can be made into more efficient deterrents through the addition of various add-on items, but a determined individual can defeat any trapped-ball device with soapy water.

In my opinion, a well-fitted Steelworxx is just slightly less secure than a CB6K. Internal diameter plays an important part of determining how easy it is to slip a device off. If the diameter is too large, it’s easier. The CB6K tube is wider than it is tall in order, I believe, to make it more secure. The Steelheart’s tube is more or less circular. The tube of my particular device is noticeably bigger around than a CB6K’s. However, that’s not a factor in my security.

About a year ago, I got a Prince Albert piercing because a) I really liked the look of them, and b) I hoped to take all my control out of the chastity experience. In the CB-6000, PA piercings are typically used to make the device secure though use of a wire looped outside the tube and through a PA ring and the device’s lock. I experimented with this many times but found that the wire didn’t allow my penis enough freedom to move up and down in the tube and kept a gentle yet persistent tug on the PA ring most of the time eventually causing intolerable pain in my piercing.

Steelworxx offered a potential solution to my problem. Their PA security mechanism is a thin steel rod that fixes to the device’s pins and descends into the tube. The end of the rod is a hook that’s supposed to keep the PA ring from slipping off. Steelworxx claims this makes escaping from the device impossible. In my experience, though, it just doesn’t work. My ring kept slipping off the end of the rod, oblivious of the hook on it’s end. It just wasn’t hooky enough.

This led me to design my own PA fixing. In mine, the PA fixing is a continuous rod, open on the ends, that locks onto the device’s pins. It allows the ring to slide up and down on either side, but there’s no way to it to get off. I thought at first that this design might allow pretty much the entire penis to be removed from the tube making the ring accessible, but I’ve found in practice that only about two-thirds of the shaft can come out, stopping just before the glans, and access to the ring is totally impossible. I made a short video demonstrating this (and no, it didn’t hurt).

In short, the device is now totally secure. Once locked onto my body, there’s no way to get it off without the key (or heavy machinery). I don’t believe anyone able to use one should purchase the standard Steelworxx PA fixing. If you’re interested, I’d recommend one like mine. It allows freedom of movement within the tube, but not so much that escape is possible. If you’re not pierced and you’re looking for a more secure experience, I cannot recommend the Steelheart.

UPDATE: Steelworxx now offers the continuous PA fixing on their website.

One of the things I like about the Steelheart is its sleek profile. In exchange for those looks, though, is a device that gets dirty easier and is decidedly harder to keep clean than the CB-6000.

The SH has a single round hole at the end of the tube that’s significantly smaller than the CB6K’s wider slot. That big slot (plus the six side vents) make it easier to get clean, soapy water into the device while it’s being worn. Also, urine drains out of the CB6K much faster whereas in the SH it tends to accumulate prior to draining (peeing in the SH is a significantly warmer experience). The net result of all this is a device that needs to be cleaned more often. Where I could, if careful, get away with cleaning the CB6K once a day, I have to clean the SH twice (usually with soap in the morning and just a warm water flush in the evening).

The flip side of these issues, though, is another of enforced chastity’s holy grails: vertical urination. The prevailing wisdom online seems to be that wearing a chastity device means always having to sit down to pee. Before I got my PA, I could, with a bit of fiddling beforehand, usually align things in the CB6K in such a way as to make peeing while standing possible. After my PA, it was impossible. There were two holes through which urine passed and a ring. I couldn’t make it all work. Sitting was my only option. The SH’s little hole changes all that. It tends to create a coherent stream that drains in a controlled fashion while peeing. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that vertical peeing in the SH is easier for me than peeing with no device.

Personally, I’ve stopped worrying about whether or not someone sees the occasional strange bulge in my pants. In fact, I know they do as I’ve often caught people taking a glance in that direction, but the only people who might know what’s causing it are exactly the ones I’d probably be most OK with being “out” to (and, to the best of my knowledge, nobody I see every day is in that camp). All the rest are left to think whatever it is they think when they get a random peek at the thing lurking beneath my zipper.

That being said, the Steelheart is a better stealthy device if only because it tends to curve downward more than the CB-6000 and is smooth. The integrated lock removes a bunch of awkward bulk in front and the lack of a flared head (as on the CB6K) makes the resulting bulge a bit more natural looking.

Another aspect of stealth is sound since, as an all-metal device, there can be a bit of steel-on-steel contact. I’ve found the PA fixing to be able to move around slightly which leads to a bit of subtle noise, but the biggest issue with regard to sound is the PA ring itself bumping against the tube walls. When the tube is mostly full, there’s no noise, but as the meat recedes and space is opened up inside, it can be very noticeable (sometimes even through clothing). I will be using an acrylic PA ring next time I wear the device and that should mitigate the noise issue quite a bit.

Steelheart posts
Here are some posts where I documented my initial experiences with the Steelheart:

Dreaming of steel – August 7, 2009
Upgrade – October 11, 2009
Steelworxx Steelheart first impressions – October 27, 2009
HNThumper X – October 29, 2009
Further Steelheart nerdery – October 29, 2009
Security wankie – October 30, 2009
3.6 times hotter – November 2, 2009
The Steelheart returns – December 22, 2209
Key card – December 31, 2009

Revision history
Original publication, January 10, 2010
Added weld issue to Comfort section and noise issue to Stealth section, January 20, 2010
Added a link to the continuous PA fixing Steelworxx now offers, June 3, 2010

49 thoughts on “Steelheart vs. CB-6000

  1. Wonderful write up. Very detailed, very interesting. Many thanks.

    PS. I thought getting the little captive bead on my frenum ring was tricky – oi… that clamp? No thankeeeeee!

    1. Speaking of that clamp and the needle nose pliers where did you get them? That clam would make my life a lot easier since it would allow me to wear captive beads again rather than the circular barbells witch keep falling out.

      1. I got mine at They come in large and small sizes. What you see in the video is the large ones. The opener looks like a needle nose plyer, but it’s actually a special tool to open rings, etc.

  2. Thanks, Aarkey.

    Yeah, I may have gone a little overboard snapping the clamp as many times as I did (you know, for dramatic effect SNAP SNAP), but someone here made a comment once about how you can just pop captive balls out with your fingers and I wanted to make the point that, at least in the case of the ring I wear, that’s not possible.

    I do admit that I still get a little angsty every time I need to put the ring back on…

  3. On a small enough gauge you can get a captive bead out – but I don’t think you can with something that large. Plus, even at a small gauge you need to have an angle at it. I’m sure that I could get mine off the ring, even while it’s inside my chastity cage (I have a much smaller gauge than you) – but there’s no way on Earth I could get it back on while locked up.

    So yah… I could probably pop it off and pull out and cheat and orgasm, but there’s no way I could get myself locked back in.

  4. That’s a good point. I have 10 ga captive balls in my ears and those things are a pain in the ass to get in even though they’re gapped such that the balls just snap into place.

  5. Hey Thumper – I’ve got a very basic question for you that I don’t believe you have addressed in this blog (or I have missed it). How do you deal with being locked up and chastity from a logistics standpoint? Do you go to a gym? Do you work out at home? Does hardware get in the way of your workout?

    I try to workout during lunchtime and if locked up, have used it as an excuse not to be able to work out. But, in the long run, that obviously won’t work for long.

    1. Dutch, although my CB3k needs me to occasionally hitch my pants for a quick adjustment, there’s really no reason that you can’t work out. I used to belong to a gym down the street, and just worse sweatpants with briefs underneath. Now I wear boxer/briefs for better support.

      The only thing I’ve had a problem with is biking, but if I tip my saddle down a bit, then it’s not too bad. I just try to avoid hitting potholes. Even better, i bought a split saddle this summer, and now nothing chafes or hits at all.

      1. Thanks Tom. I guess the issue for me is more dealing with the locker room. My schedule is such that lunch is really the only time I can work out and I owe it to my co-workers to shower before returning to the office. I suppose it will be the put-underwear-on-while-still-wearing-my-towel program. Guys who did that always made me chuckle but I see myself becoming one of them. Somehow, showing steel in the locker room doesn’t seem like the right thing to do…

  6. I’m, um, *in between* work-out regimens at the moment. That being said, and based on my experience with the CB6K, I can’t imagine the SH would be less comfortable. In fact, I’d guess it’d be more comfortable.

    The only issue that might come up would be sound from the steel PA ring moving inside the tube. This has been an issue for me on occasion so next time she locks me up I’m going to be moving to my acrylic PA ring and see if that’s a quieter option.

    I need to update the Stealth section to discuss sound.

  7. Hi. I liked your chastity and so did My slave.
    We need some info though, sinve we’ve bought 8 devices so far and none is good for us.
    First, i need you to tell me, how many days have you been wearing the chastity? Do you wear it 24/7? Did it cause you any trouble or swelling? What measurements does slave need to take before ordering it?
    Please, i need you to be totally honest because we’e been disappointed many times with this issue.
    If possible, please answer me to my e-mail address
    Thank you

    1. I’ll reply here and in an email…

      I wear the device constantly now with only a few minutes here and there out for cleaning plus the occasional all-nighter when she feels like giving me a treat. For the past few months, I’ve become as close to permanently chastised as you can be while still having an orgasm once in a while.

      I have had hardly any issues with fit and comfort (except for those mentioned above). I haven’t been aware of any swelling (edema), which was something I had in the CB6K from time to time.

      As I mentioned, the Steelheart (and most other trapped-ball devices) need three measurements: circumference around the penis and testicles (the A-ring), tube circumference, and total length of the device (from the ring to the end of the tube).

      Good luck!

    1. Are you talking about the part that goes through the PA ring? I designed that myself and had Steelworxx fab it. All it was was a pencil sketch I scanned in and emailed him. So far, it’s been great.

      1. Thumper

        Thank you – that was just what I wanted to know.

        Hoping to purchase the same thing in the near future !!

  8. Thumper, how big are the eyelets at the ends of your continuous PA rod? I have both a PA and a frenum piercing. The frenum is stretched to almost 4 ga. If those eyelets can fit through my frenum piercing, it will be just as secure as using a PA ring, but without the noise.

    1. They’re about a quarter in wide and about an eigth of an inch thick. I have plenty of room through my PA ring. Does your frenum jewelry line up with your shaft or is it perpendicular?

  9. I’ve gone down to a smaller ring size with my steelheart after having problems with escaping testicles, which sounds funny but can actually be a bit scary. Now it is very secure and actually comfy most of the time, although getting in and out can be a bit of a performance. Do you ever worry about possible damage you might be doing, or the risks you may run by wearing what is in effect a fairly snug cock ring for prolonged periods of time? Most sources will advise against sleeping wearing a ring, never mind wearing it for weeks at a stretch. I haven’t had any problems with circulation, although sometimes I feel things are a bit tight to pee properly. Am I worrying too much? Should I shut up and get on with it?


    1. Do you ever worry about possible damage you might be doing, or the risks you may run by wearing what is in effect a fairly snug cock ring for prolonged periods of time?

      Theoretically, this should be a problem, right? The few times I had an erection when wearing the 40 mm ring all by itself were rather uncomfortable. The blood was constricted and all the vessels stood out and the whole thing looked like a horror show. Also, the erection was noticeably fatter than it would have been normally. Not fun, really. I can’t imagine how torturous that would be with a nocturnal erection.

      But that doesn’t happen when I’m wearing the complete device. From what I can tell, the tube contains the amount of volume the erection can fill. It can’t ever get fully engorged so it can’t get over engorged. There just isn’t enough room for enough blood to get in there. But, you know, that’s its job, right? Stifling and arresting erections.

      As to the long-term health effects of chastity devices, my personal opinion is that there aren’t any for one that’s well-fitted. I’ve worn them off an on (mostly on) for the past 18 months and for as long as a month with no noticeable issues (other than occasional superficial irritation). Tom Allen’s worn them for months at a time for several years and his dick hasn’t fallen off yet.

  10. Interesting that you should say that – it had occurred to me that might be the case that the bloodflow situation would be completely different wearing the complete device rather than just the ring. So I guess the issue is not the fact that the ring may constrict the bloodflow in and out under normal or “restricted” circumstances, but what happens when you let a lot of blood in and it can’t get back out in the way it normally would.
    That’s what I like about this blog – well thought out rational comments about crazy stuff…


  11. Thumper, Thanks much for the detailed write up. You’ve pretty much convinced me that a steelworxx device is the next one I’ll be trying. One question I have is with regards to the anatomical ring that they offer. Would you recommend going that route? I’ve traditionally had a terrible time with that lovely burning sensation on the bottom of my scrotum while wearing my CB-3000. I’m assuming that the anatomical ring is designed to alleviate that problem. My concern is that the extra space it provides will also allow for my balls to slip out of the ring. Whadayathink?



    1. I think pretty much the same as you. I considered the anatomical ring, but felt I was already into the thing for a whole lot of money, didn’t want to drop another 44 Euros on it and didn’t know how the bend would affect the fit. I see the logic, though. It probably would be more comfortable. On mine, the gap between the tube and the A-ring is so small that I probably could get away with the bent ring, but to get one now would require me to send the whole device back to Germany. From what I understand, that’s going to be impossible for the next three months or so (unless I go with it).

      Be that as it may, I can say that the steel ring is more comfortable than the plastic one I used to wear. It’s thinner and doesn’t grip the skin the same way. I still have to use lube, but not as much. Speaking of which, I advise using silicone lube rather than baby oil or (shudder) Vaseline. It’s expensive, but works really well and goes a long way. One small bottle lasts me months and months.

  12. Thumper,

    How did you come up with ~110mm total length for the CB-6K combo? I get ~100mm (3.25″ tube proper, plus 0.25″ gap, plus 0.375″ ring width).


    1. I’m pretty sure I measured it (from the top of the A ring closest to my body to the tip of the tube). It’s possible I measured wrong, I suppose.

      In any event, I’m starting to think the tube I have is too big. I’m thinking of ordering a shorter on sometime soon…

  13. Ever had any problems with edema? I’ve been spending longer periods locked up recently and was a bit surprised on getting out to find quite a bit of fluid in my foreskin behind my frenum. It disappeared after few hours, no pain whatsoever, no lasting harm. Now that I know its happening I can kind of feel it when I’m washing with a q-tip – I think it comes and goes depending on whether I’ve been getting over excited, maybe had a restless night. Not sure whether to worry about it or not – its the fact that things are going on that I can’t see which is a little concerning.


  14. Thumper, I’m looking for a little advice on sizing f the steelworxx products. I’m going to order a cage from them, but naturally the ring size is a concern for me. I currently wear a cb-6000 using the largest ring and middle spacer. I’ve broken a couple of those rings and have had to go to the next size down as a standby. That smaller ( i thinks it’s an 1/8″ difference) is enough to keep me from sleeping through the night. I’ve read your description on your sizing adjustments and would welcome your advice based on your experiences.


    1. How long have you been wearing? Based on my experience, I’d drop a size from the plastic. Problem is, it’s just *my* experience, so I can’t be sure how it’ll work for you. To be safe, you might want to get two cuff rings: one at the size you think you are and one smaller.

    2. I’ll second Thumper’s experience. When going from a plastic ring to the metal ring on the Steelworxx, I went down one size (from 47mm to 45mm) and went with the “anatomical” option. In my case as well, it was the right call.

    3. Thanks for the opinions, I’ve been at it for a year. I can tolerate the 1 7/8″ plastic ring all the time except for nocturnal erections. The 2″ ring is almost too big during daily wear.

      Elwood, do you think anatomical is worth it?

      1. I think it was worth it in my case. However, I don’t have a non-anatomical version with which to compare so it’s hard to say conclusively. I went ahead and bought it under the assumption that it would be better than the regular version in any case. “Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

        Don’t give up. I tried 7 different devices before finding the steelheart. It’s the only device that I’ve ever tried that is comfortable enough for long-term wear but it took me literally years of trying.

        And even the Steelheart took a few weeks of wearing for incrementally longer periods fo time before it was really comfortable.

    4. If you think the 2″ ring it too big except at night, I’d encourage you to try to wear the 1 7/8″ ring at night until your body adjusts to the sensation. It’s difficult at first, but it will happen. Also, in steel, I’d get a size down from 1 7/8″.

  15. I’m strongly considering moving to a Steelheart from the cb-6000s. I’m wondering about the what gap I would need on the Steelheart. Any feedback on that? I’ve mostly used the 2nd smallest spacer on the cb, and just moved downed to the smallest spacer without a problem. I wear the 1 7/8″ ring. I think I can stay with the smallest spacer on the cb (and maybe also resolve the escaped ball issue completely).

    How does the gap situation compare between the devices? I think the Steelheart comes with a 15mm gap, not sure how that will translate coming from the cb. Do you have 15mm gap on both your Steelhearts? I’m concerned about the gap, as I’ve had a ball escape 3-4 times over the past year…not fun. Now that my scrotum has stretched,
    Thanks in advance for your input. Love the blog!

  16. Its really easy to make it impossible to get out of that Fixed PA system. Just weld a PA ring to the end of it. There will be no sliding at all end of story.

  17. Hi Thumper, great site!
    Does this Steelheart try and slip off at all and in doing that, does it start pulling hard on the piercing at any time?

    I ask because I have a Lori with support ring and it has now after some time just about torn out my frenum piercing. In fact, to make it vaguely wearable, I have to attach a string around my waist to hold the device up and I also have to wear underpants all the time.
    I want to change to something else and after seing this, I will conside the Steelheart.

    How is your PA holding up? You mentioned that you pee out of 2 holes?
    Is that true and is that generally bad?


    1. No, the nice thing about the fixing I use is that it allows the PA ring to slide up and down when the penis changes size or the device moves around. There’s no pulling, but there is occasional pinching when the skin get’s stuck between the fixing and the inside of the tube.

      My PA is holding up just fine. No migration. Nothing untoward at all.

      Yes, when you have a PA you do need to pay a little more attention to peeing than before. Usually, I’m wearing the device so peeing is easy. When I’m not, I ether push some of the extra shaft skin against the piercing, turn the head to the side, or – if I’m not wearing any jewelry – simply put my finger over the hole. It can be tricky, but isn’t that big of a deal in my opinion.

  18. Have you considered doing a full write up on the looker (you have been using this year) in a similar manner? I have been wondering about getting a Steelworxx device.

    Most sharp edges on small stainless and brass components can easily be smoothed off with on a small set of buffs and a bit of polishing compound. I have done a lot of this on various Tollyboy CBs and specific components I made for chastity devices. It is quite easy, just take it slow.

  19. hi thumper, can’t thank you enough for the info you’ve given here, i’m a gay guy living in the U.K who’s seriously in to chastity, (my boyfriend is on a business trip to asia right now and will be gone for six weeks, before he went he locked me into my cb6k and has taken the keys with him, but my dilema is that i’ve always craved a steelheart, but if i order one from steelworxx i need to be 100% sure that all the measurements are correct as i really don’t like the idea of posting it back accross the pond should it not be a good fit, any advise regarding this would be much appreciated, many thanks…..sammy.

      1. thanks for the info thumper, i’ll go with that, and will be ordering a SH a.s.a.p, thanks again, sammy.

  20. Hey Thumper,

    I just wanted to thank you for your blog. Sharing your experience and whatnot. I read your review of the SH and SHs several times during my decision to place my order.

    Going off of your in depth information I ordered my Steelheart and am VERY pleased with its fit and comfort. I just got it yesterday and am totally in love. No regrets. Thank you so much.


  21. Hello Thumper, love the blog. So informative and hot. My Sir requires I wear diapers 24/7 as part of my submission. Do you have any experience with rust with the brass lock or know anyone else you could refer me to about mitigating the issue of the device continually being inside of a diaper? Thanks in advance

    1. Brass doesn’t rust. It might develop some patina (greenness) but I doubt it’d corrode so badly that it wouldn’t work. At least not very quickly. You’d see it happening before it got too bad.

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