Male Chastity Device Reviews old

Since we began our Adventures Through Chastity, I’ve worn a dozen different devices, a few more successfully than others. Here’s a list of them, in no particular order, along with content relevant to my experiences.

Holy Trainer

Holy Trainer v1 review
Holy Trainer v2 review

KHD X3 espresso

KHD X3 espresso review

Steelworxx Steelheart

Steelheart vs. CB-6000 – My definitive review of the Steelheart, from the POV of a CB6K wearer.
HNThumper XXVII: Clean as a whistle  – A video demonstrating how I clean the Steelheart.
Steelheart Short – Let’s get small.
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Steelworxx Looker 02

Steelworxx Looker 02 review – My initial impressions
The Looker 02 revisited – Further musings on the L02
A wee spot of Looker 02 nerdery – Running out of things to say about it, really.
Further Looker o2 observations – Just what it says on the tin
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Rigid Chastity Halfshell

Halfshell review – One of the best overall devices I’ve ever worn.


CB-6000 tips & tricks – Getting started in the CB6K and other general chastity tips for newbies.
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Birdlocked Neo/Mr. S Boy Trainer 2.0

First impressions – Over night in the BT2/Neo

Mature Metal Jail Bird

Jail Bird vs. Steelheart – My definitive review of my second Jail Bird, from the POV of a Steelheart wearer.

Posts covering my first Jail Bird device:
Quinta dispositivo
The Jail Bird has landed
72 hour check-in
Alignment issues
Jail Bird nerdery
Tight like a tiger
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BON4M chastity device…er…”review” 

Oxballs Cock Lock

Oxballs Cock Lock Review – There may be a cock, but it ain’t locked.


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Finally, any post in the Chastity Nerdery category is (pretty much) all about wearing chastity devices.