Weekly Woof #3

A day late this week due to trying to wring every last drop out of Summer. NSFW yummies after the click…

Let’s remember that once upon a time, Marlon Brando wasn’t a muumuu-wearing recluse, Superman’s dad, or a mumbling mobster. He was a stone cold fox. And here he is kneeling, all strong n’ sexy, before a beautiful woman.

I love the belt, the cuffs and the bowed head. I like how it’s hard to make out exactly what’s about to happen to him here, but it looks like it’s going to be degrading. And he knows it.

She’s been alone for too long, getting herself all worked up watching porn by herself. You were supposed to be home hours ago. “You’re late,” she says, more ideas in her head than she has the time or you have the energy to entertain.

This one has the air of something being improvised on the fly. There’s an urgency to it I quite like. What’s he going to do with that ass now that the boy underneath is subdued?

Who says you need a strap-on to fuck a guy? I like this one because it makes you do a double-take. It seems so mundane at first, but then you notice. Bonus points for being outside.

I think this one’s from a film, but I’m not sure. What’s not to like about it? I especially like his beautiful, need-to-be-bitten lips and wary upturned eyes. There’s the look of an unbroken horse in those eyes.

More of the same can be found on my Tumblr blog, Thumper’s Portfolio. Previous Weekly Woofs can be found here.

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