Male chastity device reviews

Since we began our Adventures Through Chastity, I’ve worn dozens of different devices, a few more successfully than others. Here’s a list of them, in no particular order, along with content relevant to my experiences.

Holy Trainer

Holy Trainer v1 review

Holy Trainer v2 review

Holy Trainer v3 Nano review

Holy Trainer v3 Nub review

Holy Trainer v4 Nano review

Metal Holy Trainer v2 review (manufactured and sold by House of Denial)


Evotion 8 review – High quality, bespoke 3D printed, PA-secured chastity

Evotion Orion review – Elite bespoke 3D printed male chastity

Badass Workroom

BA-31P review – If the Steelheart and Halfshell got busy, they’d make this, my near-ideal chastity device.

Steelworxx Steelheart

Steelheart vs. CB-6000 – My definitive review of the Steelheart, from the POV of a CB6K wearer.

HNThumper XXVII: Clean as a whistle  – A video demonstrating how I clean the Steelheart.

Steelheart Short – Let’s get small.

All posts with the tag “Steelheart”

Steelworxx Looker 02

Steelworxx Looker 02 review – My initial impressions

The Looker 02 revisited – Further musings on the L02

A wee spot of Looker 02 nerdery – Running out of things to say about it, really.

Further Looker o2 observations – Just what it says on the tin

All posts with the tag “Looker 02”

Rigid Chastity Halfshell

Halfshell review – One of the best overall devices I’ve ever worn.

Steelwerks Schandmaske

Steelwerks Schandmaske (lucite) review – Not cheap, but beautiful and beautifully made.

Micro chastity device

Micro chastity: A review – No, I said let’s get small. Really fucking small.

KHD X3 espresso

KHD X3 espresso review


CB-6000 review – Finally.

CB-6000 tips & tricks – Getting started in the CB6K and other general chastity tips for newbies.

All posts with the tag “CB-6000”

Birdlocked Neo/Mr. S Boy Trainer 2.0

First impressions – Over night in the BT2/Neo

Mature Metal Jail Bird

Jail Bird vs. Steelheart – My definitive review of my second Jail Bird, from the POV of a Steelheart wearer.

Posts covering my first Jail Bird device:

Quinta dispositivo

The Jail Bird has landed

72 hour check-in

Alignment issues

Jail Bird nerdery

Tight like a tiger

All posts with the tag “Jail Bird”

Koala Swim Munchkin

Oh, how I hate this thing.


BON4M chastity device…er…”review” 

Oxballs Cock Lock

Oxballs Cock Lock Review – There may be a cock, but it ain’t locked.


All posts with the tag “PA-5000”

Finally, any post in the Chastity Nerdery category is (pretty much) all about wearing chastity devices.

43 thoughts on “Male chastity device reviews

  1. Could you do an instructional video of you clipping/grooming your fingernails maybe while in hand cuffs with your locked up cock and balls in the background? Another cool twist on old hygeine videos. Thanks

  2. Hi, I currently have a cb6000 and have been unsuccessful in wearing for more than a day due to discomfort from the ring around the base of my cock and balls even while making sure the area is well lubricated. Any thoughts on the steelworrxx or any other device that would be a better choice? The steelworxx offers a ring that is more anatomically correct. Please let me know what you think. Keep up the great posts……

    1. I’m a big fan of steel and find it to be WAY more comfortable than plastic. That said, it can end up being a bit more expensive if you don’t already have an idea of how big a cuff ring you need.

  3. In shower by stream of water. I just fill the bath and underwater I pointed the strem under the pee hole. It was actualy very easy to cum that way.

    I think none of CB3000 or 6000 and dont even speak of 2000 is cum-proof for the second method. Only full steel belt will be. Or something where the water stream will be shattered. Something with different design of pee hole.

    I find myself after this very disapointed. Because it is nothing you can call forced chastity. It is like I dont need to wear one. I can promise I will not cum and it will make the same service.

    PLEASE SUGGEST Me a good chastity device to avoid this?

    1. I’m not exactly sure how you’re getting off, but something like the closed Steelheart might be better for you. Remember that any device could be defeated. By accepting the device on your body, you’re also accepting some amount of responsibility for your actions.

  4. Can not find one Chastity device thaty actually shows video or has good instructions as to how to put on. Have had terrible time putting the darn things on. Why do few if any manufacturers have virtually no step by step instructions for putting on?
    Am so discouraged. Have found one chastity belt I can get on but is so uncomfortable when just sitting.

    1. The CBxK’s are somewhat complicated as are many other plastic devices. However, something like the Jail Bird only has three pieces (including the lock). It’s not *that* hard to puzzle that one out. Remember, the ring goes behind everything, your balls are next, then the penis in the cage.

  5. Hi, just wanted to add more info about to be able to cum in a chastity device like some people just wrote about. Seven months ago, i had a CB6000 that I learn quicky how to come in it. Well, I think that because I’m uncut and the tube is very tight on my shaff it makes it easy to masturbate inside the tube just by moving the chastity cage back and forth. So, in my point of view, in certain case and if you are uncut, a narrow tube would not protect that much without being really submissive and welling like I’m not all the time, specially when I’m looking at porn…. More recently, I got a Jailbird from Mature Metal with the pins options. Well, I’m still able to cum in it and I found out really quickly, more than I expected. Well, with some lubricant of even just a soft soap on the cockcage, even if I the back and forth don’t work very well, the open aeras all around the tube offers just enought space to rub your shaff and let you come. The only solution I got for now is to put a spike in the anti-pullout hole. Fortunately, I sized the cage pretty well so when I’m not aroused, the spike don’t hurts at all. But when I got a erection, that’s where I’m gonna be remembered not to try…

    That’s where my argument is about : Yes, a small tube is really good to stop quicky a erection, and you’re right about that but… in certain case, like uncut people, a short tube make the penis growing up in circonferences and the foreskin and skin shaff stick around the tube, making easy too rub the cock by moving the cage by itself.

    With these facts, I’m wondering if your actual steelheart configuration would work better for people like my situation ? Because of a completely sealed tube with some slack all around the shaff combined with the PA will break significally the chance to come in it. I know that one part of the answer is between my ears, well, over that, it seems that it will help just a little more. My only concert about that config is about the hygiene even if you let us show how to clean it. Well, I can wear the Jailbird for weeks and weeks without any sores and without any hygiene problems of even not any smell. That’s hard to beat !

    1. If you’re squirting soap in your tube so you have enough friction to jack off, you’ve pretty much already jumped the shark, chastity-wise.

      I find the Steelheart with the PA fixing keeps the end of the penis secured at the end of the tube when hard. It won’t move and if I pull on it, it hurts (in the bad way). If you want an experience you can’t ever come in, then there will have to be trade-offs. Whether or not easy hygiene outweighs the fact that you can cheat in your device is a question only you can answer.

  6. I am currently wearing a CB6K and have never had a desire to try and get out of it or try to masturbate in it. Yes I have been extremely frustrated but to me, cheating the device would be like cheating on my wife/keyholder. I was not forced into chastity, I do so willingly. Maybe that is the difference. I don’t understand why people come here looking for a cheat proof device. Maybe they should think more about why they are in chastity and less about ways to cheat their device.

  7. Hi I am 7 days into wearing my Steelheart with PA Frenum fixing (ordered the wrong one should have got your design). Any way the part where the fixing exit the tube on the right side is really pinching the skin, any ideas?

    1. I don’t know that I’d go so far as to call them junk. I know guys who wear them exclusively and I got quite a bit of wear from our first CB6K. The CB6K seemed to have a lot of issues with tubes splitting but I don’t hear about that as much as I did. The knock off stuff is crap, though.

      1. I wear a CB 6K because of my job. I do a lot of travelling and can’t wear a steel device. I have not had any issues. My KH bought both the regular length tube and the short tube. When she wants to add a level of restriction she will have force my way into the short tube and lock me in for a few days. It is way more restrictive than the regular tube. We would like to get a steel device one day, my KH likes the look of the LO2, but for now the CB6K works fine.

    1. Best all-around of the devices I’ve worn is the Steelheart, especially if total security is desired and you are/don’t mind being pierced. If, based on personal aesthetics, a more open design is preferred, the Jail Bird (with the security screw and double-width A-ring) is a good option, too. My favorite is the Looker 02, but it’s not for everyone.

      1. Two years later do you still feel this way?
        I have a lot of foreskin and worry about cleaning. Anyone else with this issue.

  8. I notice you refer to a JB2 – the site only lists a Jail Bird. Is the 2 a pre-prelease model ? We have the original Jail Bird and some of the mods I see in the 2 would make it much better, so I’d like to get one if possible. Thanks !

    1. No, sorry. That’s confusing. It’s the second Jail Bird I’ve worn so I call it the JB2. It’s just a modified version of the normal JB which anyone can have if they ask when they order.

      1. Cool, good to know, thanks ! I think we need to order one with slightly modified sizing, and moving the post sounds like a GREAT idea; may try the double rings, too.

  9. Hello Thumper,

    I’ve been reading along your blog, thank you for sharing your experiences and opinions.

    My wife and I decided on a Holy Trainer and I’ve been locked for the better part of 6 weeks. The HT is a great beginner device. The HT has been off for 6 days while a skin injury caused by the upper back of the tube being aimed back at the upper base of the penis heals. I had a blood blister that healed over time, then a small cut across the top base of my penis. I think it happened when I was sleeping on my stomach. Also, when I’m in the shower, completely flaccid and soaped up, I can easily slide the ring down my balls and easily pull out, then easily slide back in. I use the pullout ability to my advantage to be able to clean fully twice daily, so it’s not all bad. I haven’t told my wife I can pull out and I haven’t cheated on my chastity.

    That said, I want real security. A PA isn’t an option, nor is a full belt so I’m leaning toward a urethral tube. I want a stainless cage type device that is easily cleaned and dried while being worn. The Looker 02 looks nice, and your writings helpful, but the Looker 02 just isn’t doing it for me.

    I came across the “Spices For Love” – “SCB-63”. I like it. The quality and finish look top notch and the price is respectable. I like the looks of the ring type device and it has a urethral tube. I’ve e-mailed the company and have asked if the tube can be extended beyond the A-ring. They have not responded yet, but I’m sure they will as they have answered other questions.

    Although you haven’t worn or reviewed the SCB-63, and it would be unfair to review it without wearing it, would you be willing to take a look and give your honest opinions on it?

    It weighs 290g / 10.2oz, which seems heavy. Would that be too heavy for 24/7 wear?
    Would you buy one?

    I can’t find any reviews of the SCB-63 anywhere.

    The MM Jailbird is also an option, but being a metal worker myself, the metal work looks terrible on that unit with lots of tool marks and butchering marks. I want a device whose maker would be proud to put his name on.

    Thank you very much for your time!


    1. Nope, never heard of that one. There are so many nowadays.

      It does look a little heavy to me. The open cage design would make clean-up easy, that’s for sure. I don’t care for the rubber over the A-ring hinge. Seems like it would catch on the skin and be painful and, over time, get gross (potentially). Honestly, at $300, it seems kind of steep. I’d expect an integrated lock at least at that price.

      All that being said, an instert doesn’t mean security. It makes it about 17.8% harder to pull out. If you’re already doing that without compunction (we have different definitions of cheating on our chastity, BTW), then I’m not sure an insert will live up to your expectations.

      If a PA is really out of the question, I’d focus on getting the fit really good (you should not be able to get it completely off your body, for example) and mental discipline. Your security needs to be between your ears, not your legs.

  10. Hello Thumper,
    My wife and I are entering the chastity lifestyle. My biggest concern is I travel 3 or 4 weeks a month. I am TSA PreCheck approved but that still requires walking through a metal detector. What options are there, other than plastic and silicone, for chastity while traveling?

    1. Assuming you want to be locked when you leave and still locked when you get home, that’s pretty much it. Get yourself a Holy Trainer 2 and enjoy yourself!

      Alternatively, you could get a custom steel device and come to some arrangement that you’ll put it on after security and take it off prior to going through on the trip home. We do that. I send her pictures of the device in place and use our numbered key lock to verify I’m not using the key in between. It’s a lot more work, but if you must have steel, that’s the way to go.

      If it were me traveling that much, I’d probably want to use a black HT2 and be done with it.

  11. Thumper, Firstly, thanks for having this blog. I feel like it would be ridiculous to write to or speak about this with someone that doesn’t already have the desire to have erections and orgasms controlled. My Wife and I have been experimenting with a CB-6k off and on for the last few months and I know we are both enjoying it. Although we have no plans to make this a full time lifestyle, we are going to use chastity as a sexual reward system for things I want.

    We discussed this topic at length last night, I in my cage and she delicately stroking my balls while laying naked beside me. Of all the rewards, the one I want most requires 30 days locked up. How do you prepare yourself to do that kind of time without a release? Or, do you get releases during long stretches?

    We discussed a system by which I could earn a day off each day I let her edge me to orgasm and go back in. is that something you have tried? I mean it would be nice to get out and breathe a bit, but I think it would be impossible to will an erection away after a while.

    What is your opinion on prostate milking? Does it relieve desire at all or just build up?

  12. Hi Thumper

    Thanks for collating all your reviews – your dedication to the cause does you proud. I wanted to tap into your expertise with a question, as a reasonably experienced user looking to upgrade.

    So I have had a silicone device which I used for 3-4 months, until the end of my last D/s relationship. This was my first device and it taught me a LOT, in particular, how to develop workarounds to overcome the numerous problems that seemed to crop up. I am now in a new D/s and wanting to get a new device, upgrading to metal; I have my eye on a few ‘semi-solid’ styles (not sure what the technical term for them is), but I have some concerns about overcoming old problems – and wanted to consult your expertise, because I don’t know whether what I experienced last time was a product of the device or an occupational hazard one has to work around.

    The main thing is keeping the device in place – I found the ring slipping off an issue not so much because of shrinking balls (though that was sometimes the issue) but it seemed like, the need to push the penis one side or the other inside trousers had the effect of easing it off in the course of a day and it never felt secure. Would metal make it worse, being heavier, or are there some obvious pointers to think about pre-purchase. I developed a harness as a workaround, but my Domme wants to rule out a harness on aesthetic grounds.

    Also, as a circumcised man, are there any issues or styles I need to avoid or, indeed, would be better off with?

    Finally, I noticed in some comments made elsewhere on a blog post, you were a bit down on the House Of Denial as a supplier, though I have liked the look of several of their styles, and whether this was on grounds of quality, design or what. A number of the styles you review above are fully enclosed, so if you didn’t like the HoD, I was interested in pointers towards decent supplier of a semi-solid/semi-cage style like the HoD S87. Using good old Mr Google directs me towards the non-specialist suppliers or HoD.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Best wishes


  13. Hey Thumper – firstly, thanks for running this blog over the years, it’s been a valuable resource and a genuinely great read. I’m in a long-distance D/s relationship and, not having much chastity experience, went with the CB6K because I needed something that could use numbered locks for verification. I haven’t had any issues with it for the past few months, but chastity has been so fun that I’m considering an upgrade at some point – if you wouldn’t mind, do you have a best recommendation for a cage compatible with numbered locks?


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