Ask Belle

Quite a while back, I may have mentioned that Belle had agreed to answer some questions from readers of my blog. Well, the time has come! But there are a few provisos…

  1. Belle will answer as many or as few questions as she wants.
  2. She’ll be relating the answers to me and I’ll be writing them down for her.
  3. I don’t know exactly when the answers will be forthcoming. She doesn’t like to be pressured.

So, if you have a question for Belle (or two or three), go ahead and ask in the comments to this post.

5 thoughts on “Ask Belle

  1. Actually I have a question for you..

    You mentioned in your recent trip that you were enjoying riding naked except for the Chasity.
    where was the boy through out this time? You left with him and returned with him but what about in between. I ask because I have a daughter and about the only time she is unsupervised is when she is in school so the summer makes it harder. I don’t need you to answer any specifics but how old is the “boy”?

    1. The naked kayaking took place before we left on the trip. It was July 4th weekend, to be precise. My son, who’s 12, was back at the cabin with Belle. At no time during our camping trip was I naked for anything like that amount of time and the sun certainly didn’t get a peek of any normally covered skin. Alas.

  2. Hi Belle,
    IF thumper were to decide he wanted to give up being locked in his chasity device, would you be happy or unhappy with his decision???

  3. Hello Belle,

    I’m intrigued about your emotional progress to all this. We’ve read, well I certainly have, Thumper’s all encompassing tales of his surrender and the earlier negative side effects of his clinginess and demanding nature. (Sorry Thumper!) You seem to be so sure of yourself now, denying Thumper, as the blog name states. How do you feel about that? What has shifted that you can so effortlessly play with him and use him (and not use him)?

    Has it something to do with the fact that he’s a “better person” now? I imagine the better person thing means less demanding, more listening and empathising, but you know. If you want to explain, I’d love to hear.

    So, that’s my question.

  4. Dear Belle,

    I’m struggling to formulate the right question here, but the key term is ‘responsibility’. I wonder if you experienced a shift in responsibilities when you both moved into chastity play? Do you, for example, feel more responsible for Thumper’s mental and/or physical wellbeing when he is in chastity? And if so, why is it that you are willing to accept that responsibility? How would you describe, for example, the responsibility you have as a ‘keyholder’ towards yourself and towards Thumper.

    Another question that I have is: are there times that you feel that chastity play decreases the intimacy between you both? For example, because the chastity belt prevents certain physical contact when lying in spoon position (i.e. it adds rather than diminishes a (symbolic) layer between you both)?

    Thank you in advance for considering these questions.

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