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I’m absolutely gobsmacked to find Denying Thumper reviewed on the fantastic JanesGuide.com. Thank you, Vamp, for the kind words! Here’s what she had to say about the site:

This blog started way back in October of 2008, and it has kept going strong! It chronicles the very personal and erotic journey of Thumper, a man who is devoted to his wife of 11 years and exceptionally turned on by male chastity. These blog entries discuss the physical, emotional, and intellectual sides of prolonged sexual frustration and management. He also discusses practical information like how to choose clothing to conceal chastity devices, and how to address hygiene concerns. I love the tone of this particular blog and want to share an excerpt: “This is the game we play, right? The ‘oh god I want to so bad (but not really)’ game. I mean, I really do do want to fuck her, but more than that, I want her to tell me I can’t. I want to feel the desire flame and burn in me. I want to feel that I have no control over my own sex. She knows it, I know it. We play the game. It’s pretty awesome, actually.” I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty darn hot to me! Thumper also writes helpful and thorough reviews of chastity devices including the CB-6000, Stealheart, Jail Bird, PA-5000 and more. Hot, honest, and intelligent! – Vamp

It’s funny, but I don’t even remember writing that. Anyway, they’ve reviewed a metric crapton of sites over there. Check it out. Also, books and sex toys. A simply fantastic resource!

And I admit, the title of this one was more or less obvious. They can’t all be winners.

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