Thumper’s portfolio

My recent post on the kind of porn I’m drawn to gave me an idea. No, it’s not a particularly novel or even an original idea as it’s apparent that only about a gazillion other people have had done the very same thing, but that’s how ideas go sometimes.

It seems to me that if one of the purposes of this blog is to relate how my experiences are shaping my thinking and feeling, then how it effects the kind of pornography that stirs me is also relevant. In fact, the kind of porn I find myself responding to has changed quite a bit since Belle and I brought D/s, T&D and chastity into our relationship. As I’ve said before, in the past I was consuming mostly gay porn with rather occasional authoritarian overtones. Now, women are much more prevalent. In particular, the images with women suggest (at least to me) a dynamic like the one I have with Belle. It’s often not obvious or even what the photographer had in mind, but it’s what I see.

So anyway, I’ve started a Tumblr photo blog called Thumper’s Portfolio where I’m going to collect pictures I like, but also the occasional story or even video. It’s not going to be just any porn that turns my crank, but specifically the porn that, for whatever reason, speaks to me as a chastised submissive bisexual male. I’m not planning on adding any color as to why a particular image works for me. It’ll just be a stream of consciousness kind of thing.

I could have integrated this stuff into this blog, but don’t think that the majority of my readers are all that interested in seeing the stuff that turns me on. If you’re interested, check it out. If not, ignore it. If you do check it out, I hope you like it.

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