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When I started my new little venture in porn distribution, I said I’d post “specifically the porn that, for whatever reason, speaks to me as a chastised submissive bisexual male.” I find that, even just a few days into it, that that’s not exactly how it’s unfolding.

There’s a difference, it turns out, between merely consuming porn and showing what you like to the rest of the world. Even though I’ve become fairly comfortable exposing myself (both physically and emotionally) here on the blog, there’s something different about showing everyone what turns your crank. It’s like the opposite of a Rorschach test where people get to see things in you based on the pictures rather than the other way around. In much the same way I made the decision long ago to draw a line between certain things that happen in my head or in my life (even if they’re germane to this blog’s purpose), I now find myself not posting all the images that move me.

What I’m doing now is more akin to curating than anything else. I look at the images with a  different eye. As opposed to just posting the “hot” ones, I feel the need to make sure they fit the image I want to project for my little collection (and, by extension, this blog and, by extension, me). After blogging for about a year and a half, it’s like I’ve developed something like a brand I want to nurture and protect. I suppose that kind of thinking is a byproduct of my professional life. I can’t help it.

In any event, what follows is a random set of observations regarding some things I’ve figured out now that I’m seeing the porn (rather than just looking at it) as well as what I’m looking for in an image before I post it.

The first and maybe most obvious thing is I’ve chosen not to post is images of women in obviously submissive poses or performing obviously submissive acts. This isn’t a political statement or anything, it’s just that there’s so goddamn much of it out there already. There seems to be, in particular, a fascination with close ups of women performing fellatio in the sample I’ve been perusing. Also, women being contorted into uncomfortable positions while being fucked.

An example of one such image is this one. I find it hot for a number of reasons, but for my collection, it’s inappropriate because of the relationship it suggests between the woman and the man’s cock (the man’s beautiful, beautiful cock). This is not to say, had the camera pulled out, that the larger scene wouldn’t have been much different, but for my purposes, I want to show images where the woman is minimally equal to the man and preferably superior. This is highly subjective and I think some of the pictures I’ve chosen (like this one) don’t suggest any kind of power dynamic. However, I bring my own perspective to the scene. Where someone might see two lovers in an embrace I will also add a dynamic or scenario that’s probably only in my head.

The images I especially like are those where the woman’s pleasure appears to be the focus of the sexual act (such as this or that). These are the minority of the images I’ve seen. While they also don’t necessarily suggest a power dynamic, they do illustrate something I’ve felt my entire life: the woman’s pleasure is just as, if not more, important than mine and should always come first.

The next kind I like are the “adoration” type images where the man is demonstrating how much he’s into the woman. I simple love these two.

Sliding down the D/s scale, you find things like this or this. I almost feel self-conscious posting those as they’re so obvious, but they’re also tripping enough of my triggers (as well as aligning well enough with the “brand”) that they get included. I have found myself being somewhat more discriminating when it comes to this kind (here’s a nice one).

I have been including pictures of solo people I find especially attractive, either in repose (example 1 and 2) or pleasuring themselves (3 and 4). Those are there only because I find them especially attractive (and I’m totally jealous of the guys).

The ones I’m most missing are images of men with other men. I have at least one that I’m very happy with, but pictures of guys being submissive or demonstrating adoration to other guys have so far been very rare. There’s a metric shit ton of generic guy on guy sex out there (some of it very attractive – hello Corbin Fisher) and quite a bit of hard core leather stuff, but what about the gay D/s that’s not studded and covered in body hair? If you have any sources, I’d love to see them.

So there you have it. Nearly 800 words about pictures. I’m sure there’s something I meant to mention but forgot and I’m also sure the collection will continue to evolve. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “Words about pictures

  1. It’s not that hard, really, and it doesn’t take that much time. Well, it’d take longer, but…you know…all I’m doing is *looking*.

    You set up a Tumblr blog in about 45 seconds, start following a bunch of other likely Tumblr blogs (where, I’m pretty sure, something like 78% of all porn on the internet now resides) and click a little button next to the ones you like. Wham, you’re a pornographer.

  2. You certainly seem to be stumbling upon (was going to say coming across but that would be wrong for so many reasons) some excellent and very enjoyable images, I shall enjoy watching the gallery expand, I’m sure Claire will too 🙂

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