Unfixing the problem

Apparently, supporters of apocalyptic nightmare scenario Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum are trying to fix his “Google problem“. I would very much like Mr. Santorum‘s problem not to be fixed, so I’m posting this as my admittedly small effort to help ensure the only way that hateful, anti-sex man gets in the White House is as an invited guest of the President.

Just for good measure, Santorum.

5 thoughts on “Unfixing the problem

  1. one would hope that the President would have better taste than that………

    But I’m a Canadian so I can’t help you keep him out of the white house, we’ve got our own gay hater in charge at the moment.

  2. I enjoy that one of the reasons they’re trying to get it “taken care of” is to fight against the gay agenda……their wives must not let them stick it in the pooper then I’d imagine.

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