Smaller boxes

My list of required activities is complete. She has written up those things I am expected to do day in and day out and also a list of one-off projects or activities. I’ve put the reoccurring things on my personal calendar so my phone should help me stay on task. Things like laundry twice a week, dinner twice a week, foot massages, etc., all have been specified in the software to remind me they need to be done. For example, this morning, my phone reminded me I’m supposed to do the laundry but there isn’t any. In exchange for that, she’s having me do the grocery shopping.

As I said, Sunday nights she’ll evaluate my performance and give me some kind of grade. A good job is expected so the only consequences of this review can be negative – rewards will not be given. It appeared to be a tricky question what these punishments should be since I get off on so many things most people would think of as bad. Threat of longer denial of orgasm is unlikely to strike fear in me since I’d be perfectly happy if she denied me forever. Really, there’s only one thing that I want more than anything else and using it as leverage against my service performance seems perfectly obvious once you think of it. I want her. I want to make her come and I want to feel her pussy twitch and spasm in orgasm. I want to taste her and feel her and smell her. Moments after she comes, I start a clock in my head for when I can reasonably approach her for another. So, if my performance is below expectations, she will not just deny my access to her, she will take care of herself without me. I will have to watch as her orgasm flowers into existence and dies away and I won’t be able to leach any pleasure out of it whatsoever. I treat each of her orgasms as a special event to be savored, but if I fail at keeping her happy outside the bedroom, it will be an opportunity totally lost to me. It will truly hurt.

Of course, there are some physical punishments I would fear. Three or four hard and swift strikes from a springy fiberglass cane would probably not be too enjoyable. I ordered one from Stockroom the other day, but for play not punishment. Also, Icy Hot on the nuts is something that is so intense for the time its happening that she’s stopped doing it to me. But, there were a few times when she used it in a corrective capacity and the experience has stuck with me. She even went so far as to make me get the tube out of the drawer in the bathroom and bring it to her for use. Yeah, I’m scared of that shit.

But denial of her orgasm is probably the easiest for her. She’ll decide how many I’ll lose and that will be that.

Some people find this entire course of action silly. Of course, I’m the husband in a modern marriage, so I should do many of the things she’s got on her list anyway. They’re table stakes. How can taking out the trash be made sexy? I’d say several things to that. One, STFU. We can do what we want. Two, you need to know Belle. She’s genetically predisposed to take on too many things. Her mother is worse and I can even see the beginning of these traits in our daughter. She will never ask me to do much of anything and instead stews over the fact that I didn’t take out the trash even if I didn’t because she did it before I got around to it. So, in a real way, this is a strategy to ensure I know what she wants me to do and for her to know I will do it (and, if I don’t, she doesn’t need to stew – she can get even). Finally, as I’ve said before, I’m somewhat selfish. It’s not like I want to take advantage of Belle, but I can get a little lost in my own thoughts and lose track of the things I need to do. She won’t remind me, she’ll just get mad. Again, I now will have real motivation to keep what she wants me to do front and center.

It’s possible, over time, that she’ll make the list a little harder. Right now, it codifies a pretty typical division of labor around the house. Also, in retrospect, she might want to add more subjective items to the list. For example, she picked up on my moodiness and disappointment of the past few days from not being able to have sex with her. I think I’ve done the best possible job I could in keeping that inside, but she could also make it a requirement of my service. No complaints, no bitchiness, no moodiness or any kind of blowback on her for me not getting what I want. She might also decide to ding me for being too pushy or obviously worked up. As a sub, I crave that kind of pushing so I can demonstrate how far I’m willing to go to make her happy. I want to be put in smaller and smaller boxes by her and achieve not only objective tasks that get little check marks next to them when complete, but also to develop mentally and emotionally into a “purer” form of submission. Into a better sub.

I write those last few sentences and I know they could cause someone to object, but it’s what I’m feeling. Maybe there’s a better way to express it. What I’m not trying to do is to have all my resistance to submitting ground out of me. There’s a frisson that’s generated when my submissive side bends to her will despite my more selfish nature’s inclination to do what it wants. That energy is what powers my sexuality now and I convert it to a different kind of pleasure. I want to learn to find that spark of internal conflict in as many places as possible. I’m not sure what I’d be like if I got to a place where my selfish nature wasn’t always bitching about how unfair life is. What I need to do is figure out how to put that in a cage and use its sturm and drang for good and not let it poison me.

10 thoughts on “Smaller boxes

  1. This is a very interesting idea and pursuit. I very much look forward to watching it evolve.

    And you are correct. Icy Hot sucks! I did that to myself, years ago. I’ll take the needles, thank you.

  2. Yeah, I here you. I think the list is excellent, as I said before. I’m pretty much like Belle in the way that I do lots of things pretty quickly and determindedly, and it leaves a space where Wonderboy doesn’t know what he *can* do. Probably it’s part of our upbringing, yours too, because I really am not neat at all and get lost in my head all the time.

    This is made trickier by our dynamic that even I’d like to take a little bit further. Yesterday after sex Wonderboy ordered me to get him a beer and let him play video games. It was sort of hot, but I feel pretty conflicted about doing even more house work, because I’m ordered to. I already do a lot more, and like Belle it makes me stew too. But I can’t wait forever that he’d remember the trash or the laundry. That shit is needed (or not needed). Since we didn’t have any beer I most certainly didn’t run to the store to get it for him… But I kind of would’ve wanted to.

    See? Conflict, conflict, conflict.

    It just seems too weird, even if it is a little hot for me. I don’t actually know, if it’s hot for him or not. I just couldn’t be sure about his motivations to use me like that, and that would most certainly create a lot of drama. Snif.

      1. LOL. I wish goodhubby were more of a painslut sometimes. This stuff sounds like fun.

  3. We went through this too and I got to the stage of resenting hub not just obviously observing that recycling needed to be put in the right bin and the fairies do not load the dishwasher etc. I just think that men and women see domestic tasks differently and if it works that for you, it’s a sexy game and for her, stuff gets done. That’s a good compromise and your gender Venn circles overlap just that little bit closer. I’d sound a note of caution about expecting her to restrict her own orgasms to punish YOU by the way. I understand very well the reverse psychology at play here and have lots of fun with it with hub but I wouldn’t see why I would have to forgo my own pleasure as and when it suited me when denial is HIS kink. He went through a stage of pushing me for orgasm (mine) too and it annoyed the hell of me. Female sexuality and drive just doesn’t work like that.

  4. I am so glad CQ said that, because,
    well, I wouldn’t want to give up oral sex just because my cunnilingus consultant failed to wash the dishes.
    I’d WAY rather slap some Icy Hot on him and then have him get down to it.

    This is actually something my husband and I have had to negotiate regarding the sorts of consequences he is inclined to give our children, “You didn’t finish your chores so now the whole family is going to miss out on the movie.” I don’t believe in punishing myself for someone else’s errors. I say let’s go enjoy the movie and the kid who messed up will make it right when we get home by bearing consequences that suit the offense.

    In the sexual arena, I don’t withhold sex as punishment, or use denial a great deal because I like it too much! I enjoy making him strain and wait but I also really enjoy him orgasming for me. beating a pain slut could have limited effectiveness but,
    there is always closet time (being hung in a closet and purposely ignored),
    or being made to kneel on rice (saw that on Lilyana’s blog).

    Where there is a will, there is a way.

  5. Well, look at that. New ideas! How…um…exciting…

    The idea that she’d keep me from being part of her pleasure was based on her recent suggestion that maybe she didn’t always *want* me to be part of it. Of course, I don’t think she should do anything that denies her what she wants. That’s what the cane is for. And the rice, apparently.

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