Being a blogger who blogs about personal stuff is kinda weird. On the one hand, I do it because it helps satisfy a need I have to write about my life. On the other, there’s all these people who read it. Sometimes, I’m not entirely sure it’s a good thing that I do this so publicly (yet privately), but I do and there are a fairly decent number of you watching me do it. How much of what I say is showing off for the crowds? How beholden to you do I feel? I admit to sometimes posting only because I notice I’m losing your combined attention. I can see this, of course, by watching the number of page views I get. While looking at that, I also see where many of you come from.

So, before I continue, yes, this is going to be one of those self-referential blog posts about the blog. We all get to do them from time to time. I thought, in the spirit of posting something when I don’t actually have much to say on my own, that it might be interesting to tell you where most people who visit Denying Thumper through other sites come from. Here are my top five referrers from the past 30 days.

1. Keyheld

Keyheld was the brainchild of blogger Dev who wanted it to be the “go to” site for all things male chastity related. Apparently, she’s succeeded brilliantly. Keyheld is almost always my number one referrer on any given day and over the past month has sent me almost twice the clicks than that of my number two referrer. On the rare occasion that she features DT there, the clicks are even higher. It has certainly become the Chastity Blogroll to Rule Them All.

2. Femdom Resource

This one kind of surprised me. Yes, I see Femdom Resource in my list of referrers every day, but never would have guessed it was number two. But is it. I now feel so guilty about getting all that traffic from there totally unreciprocated that I’ve added the site to my own page of liked links. I had thought about it a couple times but never got around to it. In any event, it’s a very nice site and a great hub for many things related to femdommery.

3. Jane’s Guide

The newcomer! As I mentioned the other day, I’ve only recently been listed on the all-around swell adult review site Jane’s Guide. Day to day, it’s duking it out with Keyheld as my main source of links, but I suspect that may slow down once their review of me slips down the What’s New ladder.

4. Male Protection

This is the stumper. Male Protection describes itself as “a photocaption/
photomanipulation blog with original stories about enforced male chastity, boyification, penis reduction, mounding, age regression, erotic fashion, cfnm, femdom, role-reversal, cuckolding, asfr, transformations, and more.” And more! As if that’s not enough! I’m not even sure what “asfr” is.

The blogger over there with the broad and varied tastes goes by the name Chirenon and is actually quite good at the whole photocaption/photomanipulation thing. Some of the stuff he comes up with gives me an uncomfortable tube, to be sure, but what I’m stumped about is how very unlike our two sites are and how much traffic I get from his. It’s almost entirely made up of the fantastic while mine is the exact opposite. I’m not complaining or anything. Like I said, some of his stuff nicely flips my switch. He even coined the word “protector” in reference to chastity devices and  I know I’ve let it slip into my own writing from time to time. In any event, if you’re into photomanipulation (or any of the 56 other things his blog’s about), check it out.

5. The Kristen Archives

Number five is actually The Portfolio, but I’m disqualifying it since it’s part of the Worldwide Thumpermedia empire.

I’m not exactly sure why the vast collection of written porn called The Kristen Archives ranks so prominently. At the very bottom of their home page is a list of top referrers and DT is on that list, though I barely send them any traffic. To be honest, I think the list is broken. There was a couple weeks where, after I mentioned them in a post, my readers clicked over, but it’s dropped to a trickle. In any event, a respectable number of people seem to avoid clicking on any of the hundreds of salacious things above my site’s name way down the page and find themselves here. Hi, pervs! Nice to see you!

Rounding out the top dozen or so are a handful of blogs not unlike this one. Locked Husband leads that pack followed by he who begat us all, Tom Allen and The Edge of Vanilla. Then there’s The Wife Led Husband (even though his URL says he’s a secret chastity husband) and the Naked Husband. So many husbands. Husband, husband, husband. That’s a weird looking word if you read it too many times. Husband.

Mixed in amongst the blogs, there’s Reddit (which I admit to never having used nor can I even understand why it’s there), some Twitter clicks, and Chastity Forums. Then there’s the long tail of numerous other blogs and search engines stretching away into infinity, including, waaaaaaay down the list, a new year old blog about female chastity (there is such a thing!?). All that being said, the vast majority of people who read this blog come here directly and not through any other site. More than ten times as many people, apparently.

So there you have it. Now, since I obviously don’t have anything on topic to talk about, maybe you should click on one of the links above you’ve never seen before and check them out.

7 thoughts on “Incoming!

  1. he who begat us all,

    Funny. Frankly, I’m surprised that at, what, like one post a month I still even get any traffic.

    You’re getting traffic from Reddit because I’ve been pimping your blog in the chastity discussions. I’ve been a lurker for a while, and sometime this past year I finally registered, so I’ve been leaving comments, joining discussions, and answering sex related questions – mainly (surprise) chastity and OD related. I’m even moderating a couple of small (i.e., no traffic) chastity groups.

    I had a lot of traffic from Jane’s Guide when I was reviewed last year. It’s too bad that they waited until this past year when I’ve been too busy to write much, but what the heck.

    The female chastity blog hasn’t been active in a year, but it’s still an interesting read.

    Funny that you wrote this, too. I just realized the other day that I’ve been at this since 2006 – back when the internet ran on diesel. But you’re not a spring chicken, yourself, dude. 3 years is a long time to be at it.

    1. The female chastity blog hasn’t been active in a year, but it’s still an interesting read.

      Funny. I didn’t look at the year, just the dates. And then apparently forgot we weren’t in October yet. I blame the hormones…

      Thanks for the Reddit pimping. Never wrote that sentence before.

  2. My Goddess and I enjoy reading your post, we appreciate your sharing with all of us. We have began building our own private blog and someday may publish. Hope to read more from you in the future. Thank you, 🙂

  3. Nice to see my blog up in the #2 spot 🙂 I’m not altogether surprised, it does seem to generate a decent amount of traffic when I link to people.

    Thanks for the link back and positive comments. I’m never a fan of the link exchange approach, but it’s nice when a reciprocal link gets created organically.

  4. Thanks for the write-up — it’s always a nice thing when bloggers take the time to review other blogs.

    As far as sharing audience between our very different blogs goes, I think there are a few possible explanations. (1) My audience is varied and has varied tastes because (as you’ve mentioned) I’ve refused to stick to a single theme. (2) My link list favors blogs that post frequently, as you do. (3) You produce lots of good content, even if it’s different from mine.

    I don’t even know what “ASFR” stands for off-hand, but it’s an umbrella term for the fetish of turning/getting-turned-into an object, like statuification, dollification, robotification, mannequinization, flattening, and any other kind of objectification.

    — Chirenon

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