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Three things before I depart for the Great Western Mountains.

The Advocate has an article on a new book detailing Mick Jagger’s sexcapades:

Legendary Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has long been regarded as a notorious ladies man, but a new biography claims he’s also been intimate with late bandmate Brian Jones, David Bowie, Rudolf Nureyev, and, excuse us, Eric Clapton, as well as an attempted tryst with Geraldo Rivera.

First off, this is a surprise to who, exactly? Mick is the consummate bisexual and I thought everyone in the world knew it. I admit, though, that the Geraldo thing totally squicked me out.

Jagger and late legendary ballet dancer Nureyev  “playfully trapping journalist Geraldo Rivera in the middle of a sexual sandwich at a party;” Rivera claims that this was Mick’s serious attempt to seduce him.

Oh, I see. Mick and stone cold fox Nureyev decide to have a little fun pulling the pompous straight dude’s chain and suddenly he thinks he’s a genuine target of their affection. Don’t get me wrong, Gerlado was a good looking dude in his youth, but I suspect he was always a bit of a prick.

Then, on the Facebook, Start Trek: The Next Generation (who I follow because I’m a nerd) asked, “Which Star Trek: The Next Generation character did you have a crush on?” And I thought about it. For a second I almost said Picard what with his calm commanding demeanor and fantastic flute talents. Make it so, indeed. But then I decided it was, of course, Worf.

Klingons, it turns out, like it rough. Biting is a prominent feature of their mating rituals and that weird chair thing in his quarters was an obvious BDSM prop. Of course, I’m talking about Worf from later seasons when he let his hair grow out and had that Samuari thing going on. Not first season Worf. Too skinny. Too “dead crab on the forehead” for me.

Thinking about it, ST:TNG didn’t have many really sexual female characters. Not like the original series, anyway. Uhura? Oh hell yes. Hail me, baby. Dr. Crusher? No thank you. Actually, I just remembered that episode when Beverly goes back for her grandmother’s funeral and lays on the whole Scottish lass thing and gets telepathic orgasms from a sexy entity who lives in a candle. So OK, maybe Crusher, though her whole “mom vibe” is still pretty strong. Diana? Please. Too touchy-feely. And those creepy black eyes. Shudder. Also, her and Worf. I’m jealous.

Thinking about it even more, am I the only guy who wondered if the holodeck had a lock on the door? Because I’d be running all kinds of personal programs in there in my off-dudy hours. I’d be staggering out all bruised and sweaty. Honestly, I’m surprised they ever got anything else done. Like all other cool technology, I assume the holodeck was invented by the porn industry.

Finally, of course, there’s Anderson Cooper. Turns out he’s gay. Shocking, I know, but I have a long standing and well known thing for the steely eyed elfin newsman. It’s nice to see I can put him on my celebrity fantasy list along with Zachary Quinto and Doogie Howser. And Mick Jagger, I guess. 1968 Mick, that is. I know it’s a fantasy list so I should be able to put anybody I want on it, but I like to keep it minimally plausible. So yeah, 1968 Mick.

10 thoughts on “Popular culture

  1. Oh, I see. Mick and stone cold fox Nureyev decide to have a little fun pulling the pompous straight dude’s chain and suddenly he thinks he’s a genuine target of their affection.

    *snarf* Funny!

    Personally, I’m kicking myself for impulsively saying yes to visiting a pal in Boulder only to find out it’s the week AFTER all the kinky people are going to be in Denver. Oh well, whaddya gonna do?

  2. Not a mention of Number One, Commander Riker? Facial hair, great body, sense of humor, etc. I wouldn’t throw him out for eating crackers in bed.

  3. It’s not tng but voyager. Got to say though seven of nine, not only sexy and that cold Domme vibe going on, but I bet she could put on a Borg chastity implant that leaves the cock free but unable to cum unless she allows it.

    And I bet she’d consider orgasms unnecessary too.


  4. Wow, as far as the Next Generation is concerned, I am really surprised that you didn’t have an instant magnetic attraction to Tasha Yar, played by Bing Crosby’s grand daughter, Denise Crosby. As “security chief” she certainly portayed a strong female (and pretty hot to boot). Not to mention that she has a bit of an androgynous quality that I would have thought would have appealed to a man who is secure enough to admit his attraction to the masculine image. I had fantasies of her “ruling my roost” years before I understood my own submissive tendencies.

    Now, if we are willing to “go there” and expose our Trekkie-nerd-side there are, of course, many beautiful woman throughout the various series who are extremely attractive and even push the “submissive” button, from Uhura, and Seven of Nine (BTW Diana Troy leaves me limp as a dish rag, too, and Joan Collins doesn’t exude a dominant persona). But none can compare in any way to T’Pol, played by Jolene Blalock, in Star Trek Enterprise. OMG, the thought of Being at her back and call melts me into a puddle.

    1. Never really liked Tasha. Have to admit I was happy when she died. I know. Heartless. And yes, T’Pol was smokin’. I had forgotten about “Enterprise” (as have so many others, I fear).

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