I have kind of a well-known thing for underwear. I like ’em colorful and skimpy and even sometimes sheer and see-through. So I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise I also have a thing for lacy stuff. But surprised I am.

This is one of those brain twisting sexual self-discoveries. At least I assume it’s sexual. See, I squick out over sissies. Hard. And the idea of wearing women’s clothing and makeup and stuff does nothing for me. But I just discovered that underwear designed for men using materials and cuts typically used in women’s underwear is…OK. More than OK. Like, distractingly hot. Like, I couldn’t fall asleep last night, it was so hot.

The thing I struggle with right now is that this clothing, which I think of as men’s because it’s got pouches in the crotch, is shown on fucking hot obviously male models, etc., is sold on a site for cross-dressers. And…I’m like…gah! And not the good “gah.” I mean, of course. The underwear looks like panties so why shouldn’t they call them that? And really, isn’t that part of why I like them? I have a black sheer thong I occasionally wear (like today, duh) and if someone were doing our laundry I’m quite sure they’d put it in Belle’s drawer by default. What man would wear such things? It’s a very naughty feeling knowing I’m wearing outrageous underwear over my locked steel chastity device (even the fucking device falls into this secret naughtiness category, if I think about it). Having underwear (panties) that are all lacy and see-through or with a frilly fringe or a ruffled bottom is just…fucking sexy as holy hellfire.

So I bought some. Three pair. (With my allowance, not Belle’s money.) And I’m like…what the fuck?

I have limits. Some of their offerings I am definitely not interested in (but, you know, if it works for you, go for it). Others are…intriguing. Weirdly and oddly. But there it is.

So I don’t know what this means. I don’t know what this makes me (or that it even matters). I don’t know how Belle will react (I hope well). But I do know I want my frilly panties to get here ASAP. That, I know for sure.

17 thoughts on “Pantywaist

  1. Hum well I kinda like this idea. But already do it and don’t mind the frilly sex filled satin pantie underwear.

      1. I like the lace look, just hate falling out. I have come to terms with that. Kinda want to do the lace again. Just not practical to activities I do daily.

  2. Hi Thumper,
    I have been wearing woman’s nylon panties for years now and think nothing of buying more at Walmart. The sales ladies could care less as long as I remember my credit card(~:)
    I have found that full cut panties work best as I hate to have my scrotum fall out, OUCH!!!
    I am a 75 year old male. also I have a pair of female shorts I am quite fond of- the ones with the shallow pockets and short zipper – I wear ladies jeans in winter time.. I have my grubby work outfits for mowing the lawn & painting but keep my women’s jeans clean for shopping and picnics. So wear what you want and enjoy- Weber in Maryland

    1. I have found that full cut panties work best as I hate to have my scrotum fall out, OUCH!!!

      Another reason wearing something made for a man is a good thing!

      I’m glad it all works for you, Weber, I’m just not into wearing women’s clothing.

  3. I have a number of those from xdress, which Bear likes seeing on me. What does that make me? Comfortable being male and sexy and damn the idea of gendered clothing anyway, I think. I just got myself two skirts from goodwill. I’ll see how those look. I intend to wear them as a man, very much so.

    I have no trouble with people crossdressing, it’s just not me. And I like sexy, lacy underwear for men. And I can see myself liking skirts, probably in a more rugged, ankle or knee length style. I wear a kilt, why not a skirt?

    Sissies, well, I have my trouble with that concept, mostly because “gawd misogyny” – there’s something about the idea that dressing in a feminine way or doing household chores should be demeaning to a man that riles me up.

    But this is not that. You can wear frilly panties as a man’s man, or as a cross-dresser – that’s all up to you, all in the attitude.

  4. For the last 12 years or so I have worn man thongs. It was by a truthful accident that I bought them, but after wearing them anyway, I have not gone back. I love wearing thongs. They are comfortable and I like they way they fit. The male thongs holds me in in the front while letting everything else be open. I have not worn any other underwear since and everyone I know knows. I’m not ashamed, and they accept it and my wife likes them on me as much as a good pair of boxers! I have learned over the years to just accept what I like and not hide it from my wife. Some things are hidden from my friends under the respect for my wife, but I keep no secrets from her.

      1. I loan some of my kink books to my wife from kindle at times and I made a comment in front of our friends about how you could the other day, My wife pushed me a little telling me to tell them what kind of books I loan……So i did. “Books about male chastity” The conversations didn’t go much further on that subject, just a could one word comments “interesting” and on to the next subject. My wife didn’t seem to be bothered by them knowing; of course these are our best friends and not much is hidden from them anyway. I guess she was OK with it this time. I’m sure the subject will come back up next time we are sitting around a fire drunk one night 😉 I’ll be glad to carry the conversation further.
        Other than this one time, it has not been mentioned in front of others and wont be unless she approves.

  5. Take a body and put hot undies on it, then there’s no way that’s not hot. End of story. Also…pics or it didn’t happen!

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