HNThumper LXIII: Boatin’

Last time, I was a tease and only showed my feet. Today…a bit more.


As I said on the Twitter…

And it’s true. This picture was taken at a the end of a rather indulgent period of nakedness made possible by the offspring being away from home for a bit, a nice tall privacy fence around our pool, and a wonderfully secluded lake accessible at certain times of the year via our boat.

First things first. I got home from a week away in the woods to find just Belle at home floating in the pool. The kids had headed to the cabin with their grandparents and we had two days all to ourselves at home. I stank like a cow and, since it was just us at home and we have that nice tall fence that blocks just about any view from our neighbors, Belle told me I should just strip down and get in water with her. After 14 hours behind the wheel and a week without running water, that sounded (and was) fantastic.

The next two days included more naked time in the pool. That Sunday, in particular, was glorious and we spent the better part of the day floating and drinking cocktails. I was naked just about the whole day basking in the hot sun (with ample sunscreen applied appropriately). Even Belle got into the act when she laid out on one of the lounge chairs in the altogether. I stayed away as long as my hyperactive hormones let me before climbing up the steps and out across the hot concrete to her feet where I could peek up and get a nice sunny view of her snatch. Not having been stopped or reprimanded, I continued to creep up until my face was right up in her pussy. I tentatively stuck my tongue out and, again not being told to stop, I eagerly ate her out. She came with fistfuls of my hair, legs clamped hard onto my head, and the Jail Bird stuffed solid. Then I slid back into the water and did laps to eat up my excess enthusiasm.

We went to dinner that night and I resented having to get dressed for it.

When today’s HNT was taken, we were out on our boat in a secluded bay of a secluded lake. I realized as we were traversing the channel that leads to this lake that I was not an exhibitionist. I’m a nudist. The difference, I’ve decided, is that I only want to feel the sun and the wind against my entire body. I want to know that I am in the world and fully interacting with nature absent any barrier or artifice whatsoever. Even though I was still locked up in the Jail Bird, I found I wasn’t at all (like, at all) worried that I’d be seen as a naked man. I would not have been embarrassed. I was more worried about how seeing me naked would affect those who saw me. Would they be shocked or bothered or find it humorous? No way to know. So, not an exhibitionist wanting to be seen. A nudest craving open skin and OK with being seen.

Once we got away from any likely boat traffic, I dropped my trunks and navigated the rest of the way (about 20 minutes of slow, standing boat steering due to shallow water) totally naked (well, not totally). I stayed that way for hours. We laid out on the boat, snacked on crackers and cheese, enjoyed carbonated beverages and the whole time I felt the sun warm every bit of me and the wind blow through every last hair on my body. When the sun would escape from behind a cloud and just beat down on me, I would feel a very deep and palpable sense of gratitude from the sensation radiating across my whole body. It just felt right.

The very best vacation I could imagine would be one where I didn’t wear a stitch of clothing the entire time. I look forward to being able to go on such a trip with Belle someday.

The thing about being totally naked (except for the steel) in a public place (as public as a lake way out in the middle of nowhere can be) for hours that surprised me is at no time did it feel especially sexual. Not any more sexual than I feel all the damned time. It wasn’t about that. It was just about being naked and exposed and real.

A few times, other boats came around the isthmus that sheltered our bay. They never got too close and I never sprang up and hurriedly covered myself. Once, while one of them was way over on the other side of the lake (maybe a quarter mile away) and anchored (probably fishing), I stood at the back of the boat and took a leak into the water. Had they looked over, they would have seen my white ass glowing in the sunlight. I dunno if they did. If so, they made no indication of such.

Eventually, we had to go back. The sun was pretty intense (about as intense as it can get at that latitude) and we had been in it for hours. I could have stayed hours more. Again, I resented the clothing. It felt wrong. An imposition. But I wore it all the same.



The other topic worth mentioning at this point is how I’ve pretty much dropped all pretense at hiding my physical identity on this blog. Way back at the beginning of the HNT posts, I wouldn’t show the penis (at least not clearly). The closest I got was the tenth entry when I posted a full-frontal of the first Steelheart. It wasn’t until the 33rd entry that I showed the penis totally exposed (though it made an appearance in a couple of purely educational videos). Eventually, they got pretty graphic.

I feel like there have been barriers I haven’t been willing to cross at several points of my sex blogging “career” but that, eventually, were crossed. First there was the penis. Then there was my tattoo (since it’s a visually distinguishing feature most anyone can see at any time). After that, my face. Had you been following me on Twitter, you would have already seen that. Twitter is an easy way to dip my toe into these kinds of things since my audience there is so much smaller and, in a way, more intimate. Then, earlier this week, I posted another picture of myself…

Then there’s today’s HNT. Not just my face, but the body that goes with it. Another barrier crossed.

It’s kind of like the nudism, I guess. Yes, obviously, HNT is meant to titillate, so that’s not the part like nudism. It’s the part about being open and honest and knocking down barriers. I crave openness and honesty. It’s hard-wired into me. Showing you who I am just feels right now. When I write here, I try not to hide anything. To be as honest as possible. Showing you me — all of me — feels like that.

You’ll notice there’s still one thing missing. One last barrier. You haven’t seen my eyes. Only my porn star sunglasses. I’m not quite there. Yet.



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11 Replies to “HNThumper LXIII: Boatin’”

      1. I dunno, Thumpie.

        I am both a nudist and an exhibitionist, and while people locally have seen… well, just about everything… I’m extremely reluctant to show much here in blogland. Which means my face is either not shown, or is carefully/artfully camouflaged. And yet…

        And yet.

        It’s a show of faith on your part. Which I applaud, whether it be brave or stupid… Or both. 🙂

        Also: I like your haircut. 🙂

  1. I’m pretty sure most of us worry too much about what people would do or say if they found out. My experience is that most people don’t mind or don’t care. Some say good for you.

    I’m sure there are exceptions. Perhaps right wing town in Texas, or a high profile figure. But mostly it’s ok.

    Many years ago I had to get security clearance for work. At its core they didn’t care if I was gay, straight, had taken drugs or cross dressed. What they cared about was was I a blackmail risk. I.e. If someone found out I was and tried to blackmail me, would I roll over and tell them all, or would I shrug my shoulders and not be bothered.

    So I’m kinky. I also play away from home. Tell my wife. My family. My work. I might be a little uncomfortable but it won’t kill me. It’s a great feeling of weight off ones shoulders when that realisation sets in.

      1. Yeah I found the same, with age came confidence, or at least a level of fuck-it im’ gonna stop worrying about this.

  2. The weird thing is that I got a little shock when I saw your face in this shot *laugh*. The blogosphere is so very strange.

    I missed the twitter shots so now I get a threefer.

    So much fun to see your face: You are such a pretty boy.

    Thank you for sharing them.


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