3 Replies to “Dear guy who keeps asking to be removed from my “distro list”…”

  1. Its not me wanting to unsubscribe. . Why do you not say anything about the Lori’s device. http://www.chastitytube.com We are the very first ones who used a piercing to secure a chastity device. Been around now for 25 years a lot of device makers have copied our designs and used the p/a piercing long after we brought it to the forefront of chastity.

    1. A couple of reasons. One, I’ve never worn one of your devices nor ordered one from you. Two, some guys who have have bought from you have not given me good feedback regarding the experience. Perhaps it’s only the squeaky wheels that talked to me. Finally, I simply forgot about your option. As far as I recall, you’re right, you were the first to market designs that integrated a PA hook into a device.

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