Belle and I were driving along in rural Wisconsin where there are an unusual number of erectile dysfunction billboards.

“You should get that,” she said. I laughed. She wasn’t joking.

Flash forward to the other day. I had just given Belle her orgasm and we were cuddling afterward. I noted that the last time she wanted the contents out was in April and here we were in July and I was just curious (not implying, suggesting, or in any way inferring I wanted or needed or should be let out because that’s against the rules) what was up with that.

She again mentioned erectile dysfunction medication. Clearly, a seed had been planted.

To be clear, I don’t have an issue getting an erection. At least, not that often. I can get hard no problem. My issue, her issue, is I can’t stay hard. When she lets me fuck her, I will ejaculate without orgasm (which is like a ruined orgasm inside her) and then immediately go soft and stay that way.

It didn’t used to be like that. I used to be able to get past the ejaculation without orgasm bit and then stay rock hard and fuck her until she cried uncle. One big difference between now and then is the amount of time it took me to get to the ejaculation part. Used to be many minutes of fucking and now it’s literally 90 seconds, tops. Pathetic.

Ninety seconds of fucking is hardly worth the effort for Belle. I’m really good at the other ways of getting her off so why bother with the lock and key and the mess? Leaving me locked up gets her rocks off just as much and is simply more efficient.

But she does like to get fucked. And the strap-on has fallen out of favor since, again, she doesn’t want to be bothered. Thus her position that if the contents could get hard and stay that way, she’d let it out and enjoy it. If it can’t, she won’t.

This morning I filled out the erectile dysfunction questionnaire on the Roman website. I picked them because they advertise during Dodger games and the guy who started it is kinda cute. Anyway, I answered all the questions and may now be contacted by a doctor or they may just start sending them, we’ll see. Apparently it depends on what Minnesota requires.

So where we’ve come in this journey into orgasm denial and chastity is that my erections are forced into confinement and disallowed when they want to happen but may be forced into happening when they’d rather not. And this is…incredibly hot tbh.

9 thoughts on “Chem-rections

  1. Wait until you take the med and she doesn’t let you out! I’m interested in how your focus and attention is altered during a 4 hour restrained attempted erection. From what you have told us about Belle, it’s going to be a memorable experience!

  2. I have the same ailment. I’m 59 and currently not locked up. I am unsure, but I believe this started in my early 50s. I am guessing the condition is caused by the anti-depressants I am taking-but I can’t be sure.

    At one point, I considered seeing a urologist about it. However, at the time I was “owned” by a lifestyle dominatrix and she found my condition highly entertaining. I am into small penis humiliation and a sissy. My current lover likes to humiliate me about this condition-I dig on it. So I’m very lucky in this regard.

    In my case, if I’m jacking off I can get hard again. However, it can be a show stopper with my current lover as I lose the erection and can’t fuck her anymore unless she gets me hard again. Almost always I have two ejaculations without orgasms (I call them false orgasms) because I don’t feel much pleasure at all. Then the third time I ejaculate it’s a full on orgasm with all the bells and whistles.

    Do you have any idea what causes this?
    When did it start happening for you?
    Is there a name for this medical condition?

    1. I don’t know what causes it but my inability to remain hard after “false orgasms” (which isn’t a bad name) appeared when I was being locked up all the time and getting out for sex was happening more infrequently. My supposition is if I even went back to being out all/most of the time and/or was being allowed to fuck her weekly, I might change back and regain full function. But I don’t know for sure.

  3. Hmm. I’ve only had premature ejaculations masturbating, but never when I’m trying to satisfy my wife. That often takes a fair amount of time for both of us. No chastity here, but it sounds interesting. I’m not sure what she’d think because we’ve never explored power dynamics. Life is complicated, isn’t it.

  4. My experience has been that viagra doesn’t cause erections – you need something like a trimix injection (eek) to make someone hard regardless of what they’re feeling/seeing/wanting. With viagra, if you want to get hard, then it kicks in. I’ve tried this out before, both caged and free – take a viagra and in the absence of a desire to get hard, I’d stay soft for the handful of hours the stuff is otherwise on-board and potentially effective. I get the sildenafil generic at Costco with a GoodRX discount via my primary care doc. Compared to a lot of the online vendors, it’s crazy cheap, so experimentation won’t break the bank.

    I can offer a caution against using viagra while in a cage with a PA attachment. A few months ago, I took a viagra in anticipation of happy fun time when Daddy arrived, but he was delayed. When he went to unlock me, the viagra was at peak power, so to speak, and I got very hard very fast. TOO fast as the PA pin was still engaged. The force of the explosive erection vs the steel cage tore my PA, resulting in pain, no more boner, and a lot of blood. Once the damage healed, my PA was two sizes larger, from a 6 to a 2.

  5. Also note that Viagra works differently than, say, Levitra. I use Levitra, as it stimulates the groin area, which stimulates the brain, which stimulates the groin…. a good cycle. Viagra doesn’t work well for me.

  6. My experience with Viagra and Cialis is that they don’t make me want sex, but when I’m stimulated, my erection is harder and tends to last longer, even after ejaculation. I like Cialis (generic version, of course) best because its effects last 36 hours. Viagra is good for 4 hours at best.

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