News you can use

Following a recent comment by a faithful reader who was seeming to suggest that the quality of my content was perhaps not as good as should be desired from a blogger of my reputation and obvious skills, I have decided to heed his advice and bring you a few news items you may find humorous/informative/better than my usual drivel.

First up, researchers have discovered a link between those men who have sex with animals and their incidence of penis cancer.

Of the 118 penile cancer patients, 45 percent reported having sex with animals, compared with 32 percent of healthy men, who visited the medical centers for benign conditions, check-ups or cancer prevention. Fifty-nine percent of men who had sex with animals did so for one to five years, while 21 percent continued the behavior, also known as zoophilia, for more than five years. The subjects reported a variety of frequencies for their sex acts, ranging from monthly to daily.

Two things. Penis cancer!? Great. Now I have that to worry about. Also, it’s a good thing that in all my animal sex fantasies, I’m the bottom.

Second up, it is now possible to see what a woman’s orgasm looks like inside her brain. You can even see a video of an orgasm as it develops if you follow the link.

To make the animation, researchers monitored a woman’s brain as she lay in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner and stimulated herself. The research will help scientists to understand how the brain conducts the symphony of activity that leads to sexual climax in a woman.

So how long until a portable version of this is developed to help men know when she’s faking it he’s doing it right?