Changes are afoot

Ugh, being away from Belle Fille has been hell…on both of us. In the past week, we’ve spent about 12 hours together and for most of those we were sleeping. First she was gone and I was miserable and now I’ve been gone and it’s her turn. As I write this, I’m about 12 hours away from going home to her and not a moment too soon. What is it they say about tomorrow being the first day of the rest of your life?

Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary. Eleven years of keeping my sexual needs and wants hidden from her. Eleven years of her not being able to fully embrace the sexual being that was within her. Eleven years leading up to a crisis in our marriage that’s left us stronger for having survived it. If the past six weeks (since I told her about the affair) have been the time our relationship was being heated and hammered by the blacksmith, then this past week was the final plunge into cold water before our new marriage – forged from what was left of the old – was fully complete.

We’re calling this “11.1” – the first year after the first eleven years. Standing here at the brink of it, I find myself filled with excitement and overwhelmed by the potential of it all.

So, to fill you in on the events of the past several days: On Wednesday last, Belle came home from her trip. I did everything I could to clear the decks so that, upon her arrival, we could focus on each other. However, her plane landed early so the kids were still awake when she got home. Whatever. Minor setback. We still got to spend quality time (most of it naked by candlelight) and, after she climbed on top of me and came, she stayed up there and rode me to a fantastic orgasm. Jesus, I thought my toe nails were going to pop off. It had been just five days since my last emission (not that long compared to what many on the interweb say they’ve endured) but it was the longest I’d gone without release (while also being sexually aroused) since, like, ever.

The CB6K will arrive tomorrow and all the other toys (with the exception of the new cock rings) have already shown up. She’ll be leaving again on Thursday to spend time with her girlfriend in San Francisco (no, not that kind of girlfriend – but bonus points for thinking it) and I have to admit I hope she leaves me locked up while she’s away. I’m a little worried about getting the fit right in just a few days, but think I can figure it out in time.

Lastly, Belle has expressed an interest in joining me on this blog. I’ve set her up with an account, so we’ll see what happens. The idea of a he-said-she-said thing kind of turns me on and, I think, her journey along this new path might be even more interesting than mine.

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