Greener grass

The other day, I found a link to a site called Maria’s Diary. I’ve only read about half the content, but on it a woman named Maria tells a tale of domination over her husband Martin and how she eventually cuckold’s him. As I’ve started to explore the online world of feminine domination, I’ve stumbled upon quite a few cuckolding sites, but Maria’s is among the best as she tells the entire narrative of how she began dominating Martin, how that lead to him being cuckolded, and what happened next. She goes into exquisite detail of how she seduced her lover and used it to further demean poor Martin.

The first time I stumbled upon a cuckolding site, I felt an immediate surge of sexual interest. It was sometime towards the beginning my journey through orgasm denial and submissiveness and I was feeling a lot of new sensations and thinking things I’d never thought before. To be honest, I was struggling to understand the scope and scale of what I was discovering about my myself. When the cuckolding sites I found got me hard, I was taken aback. Orgasm denial was a huge turn on for me. So was chastity and submission. So was cuckolding. My god, I thought, where will it end?! Well, things are getting clearer for me.

I get off on unfairness. It seems so simple and obvious, but in fact, I never thought of it that way until recently. D/s to me isn’t about being inferior to Belle. Quite the opposite. In fact, I consider myself her equal. I am entirely worthy to be her partner. However, I am not treated that way sexually. She has the authority to disallow me equality in bed (the more capriciously, the better). She comes, I do not. She receives satisfaction, I do not. She sleeps, I do not. It’s the basic unfairness of the situation, and my inability to address it in any way, that rings my bell. I find some malesubs to be more into superior/inferior dynamics. They are unworthy of their mate’s attention and receive it only through constant service to her and her generosity. Mind you, I’m not taking anything away from anyone here. If that’s what honks their horns (and, in turn, the horns of their partners) then more power to them. However, it’s only been recently that I’ve even recognized the difference between the two approaches. If you believe you are basically inferior to your dominant, then it’s not unfairness that turns you one. If you’re really inferior, then any attention you receive is, in fact, much more than fair. It’s charity. If you believe your semen is “male slime” (as I’ve seen it referred to online) and that your domme is a supreme being to whom you are unworthy to service, then you’re not channeling the same wavelength as I. For me, it’s that I should, by rights, be able to have sex with my wife whenever I want and orgasm every time, but she won’t let me. Why? Because, that’s why.

So anyway, as it relates to cuckolding, it seems to me that those types of relationships are driven by the superior/inferior dynamic. Maria and Martin do not feel he is man enough for her. She deserves more, he deserves nothing. I find that terribly unfair (especially since most of the issue seems to be with the size of Martin’s penis, which really isn’t that small at all) and unfair is fucking sexy. I totally get my rocks off (figuratively, of course) reading about Maria grinding poor Martin into the dirt. So why not try to put myself in that position? If I get off on unfair and cuckolding’s about as unfair as it gets, why not try to hook Belle up with some stud? Well, to be honest, my ego’s too big. I know I’m an exceptional lover to Belle. I know she would be hard pressed finding someone who could satisfy her better than I do. Irregardless of the fact that she would never want someone else, I know that this mystery stud probably wouldn’t make her very happy. So, for me, cuckolding can only stay firmly in the land of fantasy porn. It’s hot and I like reading about it, but it’s never ever going to happen to me, and that’s OK.

Some of you are probably saying, yeah, so what? I don’t blame you. It’s all totally obvious to me now, but as I said, at the beginning of this self-realization period I didn’t know which of the things that turned me on were those I would need to find a place for in my and Belle’s life and which wouldn’t. At that time, anything that popped me a boner was potentially a future lifestyle option. Of course, I only needed to look at my own past – my first sexual self-realization period – to find a parallel.

When I was young, I was attracted to and had sex with both males and females. I assumed at the time that I was eventually going to have to choose one or the other, but I couldn’t stop looking and thinking about both and that was very confusing. I really felt like I wanted to be with the girls, but had at least one significant relationship with a boy who also happened to have a magnificent cock. I liked sex with girls, but I also very much liked cocks and the things you could do with them. At the end, though, I realized I really wanted to be with a girl, to have and to hold forever, and all I wanted from the boys (even the one with the magnificent cock whom I still love to this day) was sex. It was very hard for me to come to grips with wanting to be in a loving relationship with a woman while still getting turned on by naked men and craving the feel of their cocks in my ass. Eventually, I was able to segregate those things that really made sense for me emotionally and those that would need to remain fantasy (or, minimally, take the form of a really big dildo). You may be polyamorous and thinking to yourself that I’m just not seeing the big picture, but really, it’s as big a picture as I’m able to see, and I’m pretty happy with it.

Naked males and their cocks would not fit into my relationship any better than cuckolding would. But they can both still turn me on, and that’s OK. Sometimes, the grass is greener when the other side of the fence is something that can be integrated into our relationship (submission, orgasm denial, bondage) but other times the fence is just too high to get over. The grass looks much greener, yes, but it might just end up being astroturf.

8 thoughts on “Greener grass

  1. I relate to all of what you say. I have never really examined my soul to see whether I could actually enjoy another man’s cock. I think that I will write about that. I am definitely in favor of belonging to a woman, no cock! Still, I have submissive tendencies.

    About cuckolding, there is fantasy and reality. Fantasy is great. One can even act out fantasy in a real sense with supportive people, and get a taste of what reality would be. I have no chance of that, since my wife would never go with it. So, for me, it remains fantasy.

    I just have a hard time seeing any married man falling into a scenario where he is helpless and being demeaned by a wife whom he assumed was trustworthy and loving. Having a cock that is “too small” is a ridiculous reason for that. If one goes along with an abusing female just to satisfy primal needs, why marry her? Any abusing female would do, and would come without legal ties.

  2. I, too, am germinating a post about enjoying cock. Specifically, how unimportant I think the gender of the person is you’re with when compared to how they make you feel, etc. Also, how much I hate the term “bisexual”. Anyway, another day.

    Since I’ve written this, I’ve been able to better refine my cuckolding turn-on. Stories in which the man is a willing participant do nothing for me (no inequity involved). Those in which the man is unwillingly dragged into it by his woman, only to end up succumbing to his submissive need to see her fulfilled and acquiescing to the arrangement…hmm. Good stuff.

    I totally concede (and agree with you) that this type of scenario in real life is probably very rare if not entirely nonexistent, but hey, that’s what the porn’s for.

    Looking back on Maria and Martin, I think in that case it’s very much a consensual relationship. If the story is to be believed, he pushed her into the lifestyle and obviously gets something out of it.

  3. Well I have to say, I did not push my Goddess into cucking me, and I never thought that it would actually happen, but after a two times “playing” with our favorite couple, she was totally hooked on his cock, as well as her pussy. I was her first and only, and he (being my best friend) happened to open the right door.
    When you write of inferiority, you are correct, but in my case it is not some subbie illusion; my buddy is a fucking machine. I have a little more girth, and he has a little more length but we are about the same. But his stamina is like nothing I have ever seen, and like nothing i have ever been able to give Goddess. For this reason I do feel inferior, but I am ok with that.

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