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One of the things I’ve always wanted in this blog is a better way to present Belle’s voice. You hear plenty of mine, that’s for sure, but with Belle all you get is my filtered, reinterpreted reflection of her. Occasionally, she’ll chime in in the comments, but the fact remains that this is blog represents the POV of just one of us.

Anyway, Ferns has this cool thing over on her blog where she asked her readers to give her questions. Some of the most interesting answers came to questions directed at Ferns’ boy. Which made me think. I am not above stealing a good idea when I see one.

Therefore, I’m officially asking you, my readers, to ask Belle questions. What do you want to know from her? She’ll answer them here at a later date, in her own words, not mine. I suppose it’s possible none of you have any questions for her, but that’d surprise me.

So lets have it. Ask away!

5 Replies to “Ask Belle”

  1. Thank you little rabbit, for the idea credit.

    I do have a question.

    Belle: I’m curious to hear what you get out of Thumper’s chastity, how it impacts your relationship in both positive and negative ways.


  2. Ferns question is probably the only one we really want to know about, no matter how we try to reword it: Belle, how much is indulging your mate, and how much is your own hot fantasy? And has the ratio changed from beginning to now?

  3. I’d like to hear what Belle finds hot about Thumper–what’s the sexiest thing about him to you, BF?

    Also, what is the appeal of Pink, and where can I find one? 😉

  4. I would like to ask Belle if she feels like being kinky with you has changed her sexuality at all, or changed the way she thinks about her sexuality? As the once-vanilla partner of a very submissively-inclined boy, I often marvel at my capacity to really, really enjoy these things that would have never crossed my mind a year or two ago, yet are part of his earliest fantasies.

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