Weekly Woof #1

I’m going to start a weekly post feature, not unlike HNT, where I pull forward a few choice images from the Portfolio. I’m calling it the Weekly Woof because 1) it will be weekly (duh) and 2) they’re pictures that make me go “woof.”

This week’s obviously VNSFW entries after the jump.

Interestingly, I’ve found in the past few days that my taste in images selected for the Portfolio has definitely slanted towards the female form. It seems as though my Kinsey pendulum has swung a bit towards the lower numbers. I don’t think this has anything to do with how horny I am at any given moment. There’s surely something pulling the strings of my preference tide, but I have no idea what it is. Sometimes, the boys look more yummy. Other times, the girls do.

In any event, my original intention was to do just one image each week but then I thought I’d want to have both a boy and a girl. Then, after looking at them, I realize I love every picture I’ve chosen for different reasons. I’ve decided to strictly limit myself to six a week. No more. Promise. I may try to do a 50/50 split between genders, but I reserve the right to slant one way or another on occasion.

Ladies first. As you can see, I seems to have something for pictures of women masturbating. I’ve always really gotten off on that. I love how, for a women, it’s all so internal. So much of if happens where you can’t see it, both physically and mentally.

And now the boys. Not much to say here except they’re all very pretty (quite especially the first one).

3 thoughts on “Weekly Woof #1

  1. Finally finished reading all of the posts from the beginning. Excellent as always. Gotta say you have the best taste in sexy photos. wow

  2. Love the idea. But. The internet is SOO saturated with nude pics, wondering if you could at least add some commentary as to why they particularly intrigue you as a locked guy.

    No doubt, you’ve chosen a great pair for the first weekly woof, but it would be nice to read some commentary from you as to why they were chosen. I got that from the ‘internal’ comment about the girl, but it would be especially nice to understand why the guy made your cut for the week,

    1. I’ll do that when it makes sense. Sometimes (like here for example) I pick a picture just because I think it’s fucking hot and there’s really no connection between it and my status as a locked guy (except that I’m always really horny, of course) nor does it have any other redeeming artistic qualities. Other images, like the one of the guy nuzzling the other guy’s cock through his underwear, speak to the subbie side of me. There’s really nothing in the image to suggest any kind of D/s or power exchange dynamic, but I can totally imagine being in that positon myself and looking very similar (though about 20 years older and with much shorter hair). It evoked a palpable reaction in me. I can *feel* that cock covered in fabric rubbing over my face. Even smell it.

      The only other things I’d add regarding this bunch is that the first guy is just too damned yummy for words and I really liked the composition and lighting of the third. The way the light plays off his hair and makes his toes glow, especially. Also, bonus points for the foreskin.

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