Weekly Woof #2

Man, it’s hard to just pick six. This week’s VNSFW pictures after the jump.

I like how this one focuses on her hand in his hair. I’ve been in this spot so many times now when she’s really getting off on my tongue and she grabs my hair and pulls my face into her pussy. This is a picture of a woman’s passion, nothing else. Fantastic.

Being trussed up like this using rope is something I’d very much like to experience (so far, we’ve only used buckles and straps). I like how even this guy’s toes are attended to. The rope work itself isn’t all that pretty, but it’s got a nice rough effectiveness. Like his captor wasn’t interested in aesthetics, just keeping him in place. Hard to tell in the photo, but in my mind he’s also been gagged.

This one’s good because, to me, it shows a guy who could very well be this woman’s sub but that hasn’t diminished his possessiveness and apparent willingness to let you know it. Strong submission, as we’ve been discussing here recently, is the sexiest type (at last to me).

The trick in so many of these is to read into them what you want. In this case, she is so in control of what’s happening here. He’s ready (very ready) but she just wraps her fingers lightly around his cock while considering whether she wants to take care of things herself and make him wait. Bonus points because she’s got her fingers down her panties.

This is just a really beautiful image. I love the vintage, almost 70’s look. I love that he’s kneeling before her pussy. I love that it’s outside. I imagine that he’s naked, of course, though you can’t tell.

Where do I start? First of all, tied to the architecture. Nice. Second, the rope looks rough and painful like it came from a hardware store. Third, the bottom’s cock is also tied with rough twine in such a way for it either to get pulled on or tied off to something. Fourth, they’re both hard. Fifth, the top’s just so much bigger than the bottom. Sixth, the top’s pulling the bottom’s head back possessively. Is that a crop in the top’s right hand? Oh please, let it be a crop. I feel as though we’re seeing them just before the scene shifts to some new and painful phase (one that will likely leave marks) and the top’s right in the moment of explaining how much it’s going to hurt and they’re both very obviously turned on by the prospect. OMG, this one’s sofuckinghot.

More of the same can be found on my Tumblr blog, Thumper’s Portfolio. Previous Weekly Woofs can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Woof #2

  1. Well fuck!

    The hand in the panties while teasing! Yes!
    The face level to her pussy outdoors. Her look of superiority. Yes!

    But the two men! Fuck I’m not even especially bi but that is very hot! Even the hairlessness of the ‘sub’ shouts out his position. He is the toy, always will be, and he’s about to be used.

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