I was checking out at Target the other day when something on the cover of Cosmo caught my eye. And no, it’s not the thing that usually catches my eye on the cover of Cosmo.

Here’s a close-up…

Own His Orgasm - What men secretly want right before blast off

I should have bought it. No, I don’t think a magazine like Cosmo is where the male orgasm control revolution will begin and I suspect that whatever is in that article would be very disappointing were I to read it, but I have to admit it’s been gnawing away at me since I saw it. I checked out their website. No dice. The article wasn’t there.

Anyone out there willing to admit they read Cosmo?

3 thoughts on “Cosmo

  1. I don’t read Cosmo but there is a beauty shop next to my office. Maybe I can see if they have this issue laying around and sneak a peek. I’m curious what it has to say.


    1. Hi Thumper: I’ll cop to not only reading Cosmo, but being a subscriber LOL. Sorry to burst your bubble on the article, but it’s just a bunch of one-liners written by random men (maybe?) about how to intensify their big O right at the last moment.

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