Tickleberry è morto?

I’ve only just noticed that Tickleberry.co.uk appears to be…dead. It was one of the very first sites I found three years ago that helped me wrap my brain around this nascent chastity kink I was getting into. It was full of some really excellent practical information. Not only that, they had some freakin’ hot videos of sexy guys being tormented by evil women.

I admit to never having purchased from them, but they were in the UK and the shipping charges were prohibitive. Plus, most of their stuff I could get from a US seller. Anyway, I’m sad about this.

Poor Tickleberry. Ye shall be missed.

3 thoughts on “Tickleberry è morto?

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for you comments about the previous Tickleberry retail site!

    This is just a quick note to say that Tickleberry is back!

    We’ve returned as a resource of BDSM and Fetish news to help guide those new to the scene. We’ve retained all our speciality information on Male Chastity, Divine Domination (the softer side of Femdom), Pegging and have introduced a brand new Spanking section written from the female submissive perspective.

    The site now has a regular blog including, some of our erotic photos of male chastity and male submission in the LookBook section and finally we have a forum where you can sell BDSM related items for free, we do not charge any fees.

    The LookBook: http://www.tickleberry.co.uk/lookbook/femdom-love-restrained/
    Pegging – A How to Guide: http://www.tickleberry.co.uk/pegging/how-to-guide-advice/

    50 Shades of Music – A blog entry – if you know what the classical music is on the video please let me know! http://www.tickleberry.co.uk/news/50-shades-of-music/

    Best wishes with your continued chastity experience

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