HNThumper XL: Annulo duplici

Yes, I understand today is not a Thursday. Still, I’m calling this an HNThumper entry. Creative license, OK?

Last Saturday, I got back home from the annual Thanksgiving family trek (mother and her husband in tow, but no Belle who stayed an extra day) and found a small parcel from Deutschland sitting on my front stoop. The Steelworxx Double Cockring had arrived. Having been set free of the Steelheart Short the day before, I bundled it off to a secluded spot to check it out and try it on.

Steelworxx Double Cockring with integrated lock

My initial impression was that the gap between the A-ring and the penis ring was enormous. When ordering, I didn’t even think about that, to be honest, and gave Dietmar no direction regarding that measurement. I know I would have asked him to make it smaller had I considered it and, after wearing it, I’m glad I didn’t. While it’s a much bigger gap than on the SH-S, it’s also a very different device. While the SH-S is meant to suppress full hydraulic pressure, the double cock ring has to operate with all systems go. In a sense, they’re purposes are opposite. The Steelheart is meant to compress, restrain, and stifle an erection while the DCR is designed to embrace and perhaps even enhance one. In any event, the penis ring is the same beefy steel used for the A-ring and makes for a much more muscular look than I was expecting. This is a device that seems to celebrate a hard-on rather than squish it into submission.

DCR versus the Steelheart

I spent some time worrying about the penis ring sizing. My plan is to wear this device whenever Belle leaves me out of the SH-S and that means it needs to be big enough so that shit doesn’t start turning purple on me. In the past, I had measured the penis to be ~40mm around at its base and wanted something that was snug and noticeable yet not too constricting. I wasn’t sure how the A-ring would affect the plumpness of the erection, though, and wasn’t in a position to figure it out (being all locked up when I bought it). Originally, I ordered the penis ring at 38mm since that was the closest option on the page, but after some consideration, I asked Dietmar to make it 39mm (note that he can make sizes not listed as options on his site – just ask). The A-ring is 45mm (versus the SH-S which has a 40mm ring and 35mm diameter tube).

The result is just about perfect. When hard, there’s just enough constriction. I definitely know it’s there yet blood seems to be able to flow. The A-ring bites enough to have some teeth when the penis is really hard and, not unlike the SH-S, causes some of the erection to back up behind it (which, oddly, has become a normal and almost comforting sensation for me). The two rings cause the skin on the erection to be pulled tight making it less pliable. Even though I can get fully hard, the tightness of the skin and biting around the base of the shaft still provide me with a sense of being constrained. Due to the tightness of the skin, jacking off practically requires lubrication.

The flip side to that is when the penis is in its most flaccid state. Then, the big steel penis ring makes it look even less impressive and even somewhat pathetic. Like a little old man wearing a linebacker’s padding. Regarding security, yes, just like with any other trapped-ball device, this one can be backed out of, though there’s obviously not much point in doing so. The gap between the rings, while greater, is not nearly big enough for me to slip my nuts though, so I would not be able to get  it entirely off.

After the jump, you’ll find the obligatory in situ picture (which, while perhaps not as graphic as recent entries, is what makes this an official HNThumper entry – number 40!).

Me in the DCR, semi-chubby.

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7 thoughts on “HNThumper XL: Annulo duplici

    1. Excellent question! She’s only had a few moments with it and has not yet expressed an opinion. She likes that being relatively free is driving me nuts, I can tell you that.

  1. I am much interested in this device, especially because it seems might be a good compromise for someone with foreskin like me 🙂 eheh
    so please keep us updated about this new toy!

  2. I know this is an old thread, but I came across it while looking at the DCR on the Steelworxx website. You comment that the penis ring is slightly larger than one of the “default” sizes. Did you pick a size that causes a lot of constriction when erect, or “just enough” based on your measured size?

    The pictures from the Steelworxx site are now missing too. Any chance that you can do a small gallery of the actual device and its pieces?

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