Belle’s big blue boyfriend

As I’ve recently mentioned, Belle’s admitted to me that the penis is not, as she’s previously said and occasionally still says, strictly speaking, perfect. She claims not to be into really long cocks, but she does like some girth. The penis on me, while not freakishly thin, is on this side of average girthiness. So, in my continuing quest to provide Belle the optimal sexual experience, I picked up an Oxballs Dude Cocksheath. My review forthwith.

Continued after the jump thanks to several totally NSFW images…


I was sent down this path by rohosub who advocates for their use by guys like us (i.e., mostly locked up, not allowed to come). As I said, Belle’s claimed not to be interested in a longer cock, so I had to find one that added the least amount of length to what I have to offer. This was difficult since most of these sheath/extenders are about, well, extending. The Dude was about the shortest I could find. Still, it’s quite a bit bigger than me.

The Dude works by holding onto your balls while you stuff your dick down the sleeve. Oxballs says it’s made of something called Super-Flex TPR and can stretch more than three times its actual size. It is super stretchy and flexible. Not too hard, not too squishy. Too floppy to use without some erect penile tissue inside, though (Belle suggested it could be used sans Thumper if one had a carrot on hand). The only drawback to the stuff is that it’s really sticky. Lint and dust and stuff gets all over it and lube is a must, both inside and out. I think the translucency is really pretty and it’s cool to see the penis trapped inside there. Blue would not have been my first choice (clear would have been) but it was all Mr. S had in stock (the Oxballs site also had yellow, but…ew. Yellow?).

As you can see in the images above, the Dude is exactly seven inches of insertable length. Seven inches is, admittedly, long, but it’s not outside the realm of realistic human proportion (I’m looking at you, Jeff). Be that as it may, it adds a significant 1⅜” to my length (Oxballs claims it adds 2-3″ but I can’t see where they’re getting that number at all — they seem to be implying that the average penis is 4 to 5 inches long but its not). It’s in the neighborhood of just over 5½” deep which is almost exactly my length. The thing I was looking to offer Belle was the thickness. It looks to be exactly 2″ wide and 6½” around (without an erection in it which I realize now I didn’t measure). That adds a half inch to my width and 1¾” to my circumference.

I’ll admit that wearing the thing does something primal to me. I don’t think that penis size has anything specifically to do with one’s place on the submissive/domination scale, but there’s a little part of me that wishes I really was 7×2. There’s a sense of power that comes from a big dick. And maybe that’s just me or maybe that’s just what someone with a perfectly average penis thinks, but having what I’ve come to think of as my “big boy penis” swinging around makes me understand how someone with a real dick that big could let the fact affect his everyday point of view. It also makes me understand the difference between serviceable and extraordinary.

As I said above, the sticky nature of the Dude’s material makes a bit of lube applied to the penis going inside nearly mandatory (especially if said penis has a heavy steel ring through its end). I find that squeezing the shaft to push out any air makes a slight vacuum that helps get the penis all the way in and with a minimum of funny farting type noises (instead, that happens when it comes off). Inside, the only sensation you get from the Dude is pressure. It grips the whole shaft uniformly and, at least for me, doesn’t allow for any internal slipping or sliding. It essentially makes an erection that fits it as well as I do somewhat inert.

The first time we gave it a go, Belle seemed tentative as she mounted the Dude. A whispered exclamation of, “Oh, wow,” escaped as she let it slip into her. She rode what she now calls “Big Blue” to a quick and intense orgasm (she’s not at all a fan of “Dude” as a name). I couldn’t tell by feeling that I was even inside her. Not much extra pressure, no sensations of heat or wetness, and no feeling at all of being stroked. I never even got into the same ZIP code as an orgasm.

The second time, she was way more comfortable. Unlike the first time, she fully engaged the extender and let all of it inside her. She rode it for a longer period and made some noises I’ve never heard from her. Clearly, she was being touched in places not often reached. Just as with the first time, I couldn’t feel a thing inside her. Once I saw that she was really getting off on having a 7″ cock inside her, I started to reciprocally thrust back. It was simultaneously me fucking her and not me fucking her. I was making it go, but not what was giving her pleasure. As she rode Big Blue, I started to think back on her cop story and the fantasy that spun out of it and conflated the sheath to this imaginary boyfriend. I was getting her off in a whole new way but also wasn’t. Somehow, I was cuckolding myself.

With all these intense triggers in my head, I suddenly realized I was perilously close to coming. It was surprisingly sudden and I had to make Belle stop. However, this wasn’t a normal kind of almost-orgasm. It wasn’t being caused by any specific sensation on the penis which still felt inertly impervious to the sex happening outside the sheath. It was being caused by the motion of my hips and Belle’s audibly and obviously different level of pleasure and the crazy bouillabaisse of my own emotions and kinks. The shock of stopping was enough to break the spell, but it was a very close call. I squirted once making Blue suddenly warm inside. Luckily, I was able to get my shit together quickly enough that Belle’s spell wasn’t broken. With my mind fixed on off-season baseball matters and my hips rigidly in place, she was able to achieve another intense orgasm with her big blue boyfriend deep inside her.

After she came, she made a little meow sound. Yes, the mythic orgasmic meow. Thanks to Big Blue.

So, I take from this a couple of realizations. One, contrary to what she says, she does really like big cock. And not just a little. Two, I love that she likes big cock. Three, I am not, as she said even after the meow, “perfect.” And I’m really OK with that. Instead of protecting my ego (which, I assume, is what she’s doing), she should tell me there’s nothing wrong with me. It’s closer to the truth, I think. And I’m really, truly OK with that. More than OK, in fact.

Needless to say, we’re both pretty fucking happy with Big Blue.

26 thoughts on “Belle’s big blue boyfriend

  1. Having been a vocal advocate of the Oxballs Cocksling since I got it, this is an interesting development indeed. Nice review and thanks for sharing. Need to persuade Mistress R to try this methinks!

  2. > I don’t think that penis size has anything specifically to do with one’s place on the submissive/domination scale

    It doesn’t. I like being thick, but it doesn’t make me dominant in any way.

    I’ve had my ideas of what a “big” dick is adjusted lately. A friend is 2×9. I think that qualifies as big. On Fetlife, the groups that kink on big dicks seem to have come to a consensus that “big” starts at 2×8, but that really, that’s the lower end, and 2×10 is preferable.

    Horses, not humans, is all I have to say. 🙂

    Your habit of using baseball as orgasm control amuses me to no end. I haven’t humped anyone in 10 years, but were I to, I can see that working – just with pondering snippets of code instead of baseball.

    1. There’s a saying about breasts that may apply: Anything more than a mouthful is a waste.

      Well, maybe not. But you get my drift. Personally, if I were still in the market for cock, I’d think anything more than 8″ was too much. 2″ across sounds pretty good, though. Not sure what I’d do with 10″. Holy smokes.

      WRT to baseball, anything you can instantly immerse yourself in the minutiae of will work. Coding would totally do it!

      1. As a Lady here, I have to agree thumper, personally I feel too big is a waste and I kinda see it as being too much of a good thing. I mean unless a woman is into having the inside of her uterus fucked, that’s her business but I think it would be easier for a guy doing the fucking not to have to worry about hurting his Woman and just be able to go full on slamming her hard when she wants it.

      2. That was my concern in getting Big Blue. I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable. Happily, she wasn’t. Quite the opposite.

        Alternatively, for a buttsex I think it’s different. A vagina is flexible and elongates with arousal, but eventually has a limit. An ass has a less specific limit. So, for someone looking to get fucked there, “big” might have a totally different definition. I know personally I bottom out at around 8″. That doesn’t mean I would turn down a guy with a 9 or 10″ cock, though. 😉

      3. Haha yeah anal for me would be different… hubby would be my limit (well there won’t ever be anyone else anyway!), his size is perfect and I take him fully during anal… depending on position or angle vaginally he can hit me sometimes. 🙂

        Curious, what’s circumference for 2″ wide? I don’t feel like getting the calculator out haha

    1. Not really. First and foremost, it’s even longer than Dude (8.5″). Blue’s about as long as Belle’ll take. Also, that one is totally smooth while Blue has some texture I thought Belle might enjoy.

      1. yes, it is long. I am happy to report that the Gym Boy did perform to the liking of my Miss. Size does matter obviously as she really really liked it.

  3. Thumper, my wife has requested that I acquire a Oxballs Dude Cocksheat in the same color as Belle’s big blue boyfriend and it has been difficult to find one in the US. Do you have a recommended reseller that may still have the blue model in stock?

  4. Do you really don’t feel a thing when wearing the Dude? I mean i bought it for use with my wife and just the snug feeling of the sheath it’s already pleasurable, and going in my wife (she can’t take the whole thing -too girthy- but she takes like half of it with pleasure) gives a really good squeeze around. Granted i’d probably have to fuck her like a jack hammer to reach my own orgasm, but as far as we can use it, it really feels quite good for both.

    Ooops as an afterthought, i might be spilling the beans here, and this post of yours was supposed to make Belle oblivious of your own pleasure???

    I also bought the gym boy but that one doesn’t even start to go inside her pussy so we use it for her oral pleasure (she thoroughly enjoys giving oral sex).

    1. Do you really don’t feel a thing when wearing the Dude?

      I *can* come if I’m not careful (the pressure and the movement of my hips and all the other sensory inputs of fucking can be enough to trigger an orgasm), but when my head’s in the right place, I can fuck for a long time wearing Blue. I feel something because the penis is what’s holding Blue up and giving it a solid core, but it’s not like normal fucking.

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