I totally missed the occasion of this blog’s fifth anniversary. It was October 12th.

I got a very nice and very long note from a reader this weekend and he said towards the end that he was going to go back to the blog’s start and read the whole thing through. Every time someone says that I get kinda self-conscious and embarrassed because I know I’m terribly repetitive and, especially compared to the early stuff, somewhat contradictory. But many of you apparently continue to get something out of it and I, too, feel the need to keep going, so I guess I should get over it and just appreciate how this blog has facilitated the evolution and understanding of me to the benefit of my relationship with Belle.

This quote from Bill Petterson seems like a relevant observation:

You can’t really blame people for preferring more of what they already know and like. The trade-off, of course, is that predictability is boring. Repetition is the death of magic.

It’s still isn’t boring for me to come here and show off for all of you and there’s still flashes (for me, anyway) of magic. In that way, this blog is a reflection of life. Repetitive, contradictory, sometimes boring, occasionally punctuated with real wonder, but ultimately worth the effort and better than the alternative.


5 thoughts on “Five

  1. Hey Thumper! Happy 5 years! We just recently found your blog so please be a good boy and keep it up! 🙂

    ~Lady (and her Caged Monkey)

  2. Happy anniversary Mr Thumper! I love reading your blog, for you seem to be the closest to capturing my own feelings. Keep it up (metaphorically speaking of course!).

  3. Congratulations for blogging for over five years. I wish that I could keep blogging for a continuous period of five years.

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