She knows it

Hey there. Still vacationing. Still on the island.

But yesterday, there was a moment that illuminates an aspect of how fortunate I am in my relationship with Belle Fille. We were having dinner, just the two of us, at a favorite little island dive. Drew asked me to pick up a t-shirt for him from the place (he’s been there before, too) and there it was, sitting on the table between my wife and I. The shirt I picked up for the guy I fuck around with on the side. We sat and talked and everything was quite normal, boyfriend shirt and all.

Our waitress reminded me of Rachel Green from Friends. She was young, blond, had a slightly too big nose (though not as big as Rachel’s pre-rhinoplasty). Looked like she might have been rebelling against a rich father by schlepping burgers and beer on a tropical island. Like Rachel, waitress was hot as fuck. Unlike at least season one Rachel, waitress was, as Belle said, “a tight little package.”*

“Really?” I said, “Hadn’t noticed.”

“Yes you did. You always notice.”

She’s right. Of course I noticed. No human being could not notice this woman. Her hotness was accentuated by the imperfect nose. It made her more real. More attainable and therefore more desirable. Her clothing comprised entirely of thin fabric wrapped around her hips and a torn up skin-tight tank top with the bar’s log on it secured by a knot behind her neck. Not slutty (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Just casual and intensely alluring. My head tracked her movements often, both before and after Belle’s comment. Like when my dog watches Belle make bacon.

Some guys are with women who would be annoyed by the fact their partners would be attracted to someone so obviously attractive. That they’d notice it walking around in front of them. Not me. Mine is better than that. She’s supremely confident in the place she has in my heart. Hot chicks are hot chicks. Boyfriends are boyfriends. Belle is the love of my life. And she knows it.

* Rachel became a tight little package, too, but not until like the fourth season.

2 thoughts on “She knows it

  1. Aww! I love reading about your marriage. Such a wonderful love.

    Oh, and I completely agree with the imperfections. A too-big nose, one eye bigger than the other, a little gap in the front teeth, or big ears… It really does accentuate the hotness.

  2. Thumper, as you know, I have read your blog for years. I have to tell you that I have never been more impressed with, in love with, or in awe of Belle than I have since you met “the boyfriend”. I would say you are a lucky man, but you know that. Did she pick out the T-shirt or have a say? Lol. On that, I have always enjoyed watching my husband look at other women and almost wish he would men too. It shows me his mind can rev and I hope I get some of that energy later.

    Wrong blog, but I recently read Drew’s and have you ever noticed how he and Axel are like you and Belle (I just read the one where Axel bought your super secret gift (minds wander) so it made me think this way)? If that doesn’t say equal rights and same sex marriages work just like conventional what would? I will fully admit this fact surprised me since I got to know them through your blogs. I have almost as much respect for Axel as I do Belle (but just don’t know him as well yet), but I don’t think I’ll ever like Drew as much as you, my first blogger crush. I’m sure he’s an okay fellow though (lol). I wish the public could see this to.

    I’m from Indiana and this has been a disgusting week for anyone who can put themselves in a category of different, not just GLBT. I have been ashamed by ignorance and wanted to point to you and Belle and Drew and Axel as what and how real world people, marriages, friendships, and sex ARE versus the perceived. You 4 are the epitome of open-mindedness and I wish the whole world could think like you.

    Respectfully yours,

    Mrs John

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