This too shall pass

A couple of weeks ago (weeks, I tell you), I mentioned a health issue I was having…

A little over two weeks ago I started to unexpectedly feel an urge to urinate, even when I didn’t need to go. It got worse and worse until it felt almost as if I was always desperately in need to pee even with a totally empty bladder.

And then…

[C]ould it be related to my recent kidney stone adventure? The first time I had a kidney stone, passing it was capped off by a day or so of similar feelings as, I assume, the stone passed through my prostate area. This last time (more than a month ago now), that feeling never happened. I didn’t think much of it until this started. However, I don’t know if kidney stones can go into hiding like that for a period of time before finally passing through. And, even if they could, this one wasn’t passing. If it was a stone, it was just sitting.

It didn’t get better. Not after the course of antibiotics. Not at all. In fact, it got worse. On vacation, it got so bad I couldn’t sleep. Almost painful in the intensity of the sensation radiating from my prostate. I genuinely started to worried. I made another doctor’s appointment when I got home (but, because doctors, it’s not until next week).

I still had no idea what was causing it but I thought I could feel the texture of the sensations changing over time. I clung to the theory of the stone moving through though it was taking weeks to do so and I couldn’t find any references of that kind of thing online. Then, toward the beginning of the week, it started to change again. The feeling changed as well as its location. Now, it felt a lot like something inside my urethra (having some experience with that, I know from where I speak) and it felt like whatever it was was actually inside the penis at its base, though very deep down. In short, it felt like it was on this side of the prostate.

Then, yesterday, it got a lot better. It started with me shaking the tube out into some tissue (the normal post-pee behavior) and seeing two little specks of something dark on the the normally perfectly white material. I’ve never seen anything like that before. These specs were itty-bitty. Shortly after that, the sensation of having something in there started to recede. Last night, I felt nearly normal. Today, I’d say the feeling has diminished more than 80%. Like it’s still tender in there and maybe the obstruction is much smaller. As if it eroded over time.

What pisses me off about this is how, when I saw the urgent care doctor, I mentioned my previous kidney stone problem and how I never felt it pass. I mentioned it to both the doctor and the admitting nurse. But, as soon as the doc found out I was bisexual with multiple partners, he immediately assumed STD. I told him that was not possible, but he wouldn’t let it go. He ordered me tested for STDs (though the lab screwed up and didn’t do the test) and, now I think, prescribed the antibiotics not for a UTI but because I’m a dirty little tramp. He totally ignored the kidney stone angle which is what it fucking was. So I suffered for weeks more for no reason. Not that I have any idea how’d they’d treat an obstructing stone, but I assume there is a treatment.

I don’t know if he was demonstrating some kind of prejudice against me because of my sexuality and sexual history or if he was just trying to get past me and onto the next patient as quickly as possible. I suspect a little of both. In any event, I’m relieved to finally be getting better rather than worse. While experiencing this, my libido has been practically nil. I didn’t want the Steelheart and I wasn’t much interested in Belle. Compounding this was another of those “clinical” orgasms like last time which, of course, did nothing to make me feel better.

I’m unsure if I’ll keep my appointment next week. At the rate this is improving, I’d expect to be feeling right as rain this weekend. Just in time for Belle to leave the country for two weeks.

28 thoughts on “This too shall pass

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s completely possible for a stone to hang around, especially when it gets to the bladder. I’ve had stones they’ve seen on ct scan that have never left. The explanation was that they eventually dissolved in the urine in the bladder.

    Anyway… I’m really glad you are starting to feel better and that you likely passed the bastard stone. If they came out broken down, don’t be surprised if more bits eventually make their way out.

    It really is good to hear you’re doing better with that. Kidney stones suck.

  2. I had a couple of stones years ago (caused by taking a calcium supplement — frequent in men. We don’t need much calcium). Mine didn’t last as long as yours. I got to my urologist quickly. He used contrast dye and xray to locate the stone (small). I had an allergic reaction to the dye. The stone passed when I peed after my reaction to the dye. My understanding is that unless the stone is large and unlikely to pass on its own, they can’t do anything beyond some pain drugs. If it can’t pass, then ultrasound is used to break them up. Chances are pretty good that even if the doctor agreed with you, not much clinical help would be available.

    That was the worst pain I ever experienced. Right after it started, I went to the ER. The doc there decided I was reacting to a shot of heroin. He insisted I had to be a junky. I walked out and made a call to the urologist. He, of course, new I don’t take drugs. You must have a high pain tolerance to have gone through the trip with a stone there.

  3. Ouch! I have never had any kind of stone, so far. Everytime I read about someone’s experience it makes me cringe. I hope you have a regular primary care physician. Urgent care is generally not very good for following a chronic problem like that. I feel lucky to have a shorter urethra than men do.

    One benefit of a primary care physician is she knows that you will keep coming back to her and only her so she must work to resolve your problem. it’s not like you’re going to draw a different doctor when you come back the next week.

    Good luck.

  4. If you saved the stones, they can be examined to find out what they are composed of. Once you know what kind they are, diet and so on can be adjusted to help prevent future stones from forming. Feel better.

  5. I’m glad you’re feeling better. 🙂

    If you suspect you were wrongly diagnosed/treated due to practitioner prejudice, there are steps you can take to make your voice heard. I wouldn’t want that to happen to you – or to anyone else – again.

  6. Thumper… If you still have the little black bits, have a look at them with a magnifying glass. I caught a kidney stone that I passed (I heard it plop into the water as I was peeing sitting down (caged)). They are full of sharp, jagged edges that look as it they should rip the inside of one’s urethra to shreds. Yikes!!

    1. They were minuscule little specks. I didn’t save them. I half expected to find more bits, but haven’t so far. I will save whatever else comes along.

  7. Sorry to interrupt your stone focus, but from a medical standpoint you should get a complete urological workup, because it could be something different.
    This means a sonography of your bladder and kidneys, a cystoscopy and possibly a MRI of your pelvis.
    If it’s a kidney stone you can treat it with lithotripsy, which is a nearly painless procedure.
    There are also different types of kidney stones, some can be prevented by increasing the fluid intake, especially if you sweat a lot.

  8. I’m glad you are still going to your appointment and I hope you have the sense to talk to him about a STD since you are still having sex, I guess, with a known homosexual. “Married” or not, he’s likely putting you and your wife in danger by converting married men.

      1. Praise Jesus!
        It is Sunday after all 🙂
        We had a good day at church – meat eating, tattooed, kinky sex having sinners that we are.

  9. He’s the same one who gave me credit for turning Thumper homosexual over on my blog.

    I find that empowering. Plus, it’s going to look really nice on my resume under Special Skills.


    ‘Turning them Gay Since 2014

    1. So was it kinda like Skye on Agents of Shield? I had the potential in me all along and only had to be exposed to the right catalyst? Or did you cast some kind of homovoodoo spell on me?

      The only people who worry about being turned gay already have more of it in them than they’re comfortable with…

    2. Could you hook me up with some of your special powers? I want a magic fairy wand that can – POOF! – change the sexual proclivities of my partners with merely a wave.

      At my whim, of course. 😀

      1. Evidently I do have the magic fairy wand, according to Samuel.

        FYI, it took a bit more than a wave though.

        (it was a wave and a tickle)

      2. Could I sign up for lessons? This sounds like a fantastic skill. I’m always looking for new ways to enhance my CV. 😉

        On a serious note…

        The Samuels of this world hurt my heart. It is just plain WRONG to project such vitriolic and discriminatory sentiments toward others. It is demeaning to EVERYONE to treat ANYONE as ‘lesser’. It makes me equal parts sad and angry when I see those kinds of comments on blogs. I know that there are people who are subjected to that kind of hatred every day of their lives, and I wish I had the power to change that. If I had a magic wand for real, that is what I would use it for.

  10. Thumper, I was talking to a friend who had bladder stones a couple years ago, and I asked him a bit about it. Considering the urination urgency factor, you may indeed have stones, but in a different location than the kidneys. I just wanted to put that out there.

  11. There are things they can do to get stones out of the bladder if necessary, involving a cystoscope with a little basket attachment. Probably not as painful as having the stone pass on its own, especially if it’s a sharp one like yours.

    Main treatment for small ones that are moving is pain management and time. Good luck!

    Kidney stones can be caused by infection, so the antibiotics weren’t a bad idea, especially if urinalysis (first and cheapest thing they should do) showed signs, or you were “at risk” as defined by current research (which still is that more than one partner increases risk of infection).

    I am not a doctor, but I’ve had stones, and read a hell of a lot on the NIH kidney disease website.

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