Advice to the reader

Some people don’t like that I’m bisexual. Some don’t like that Belle and I are in an open relationship and I’m allowed to get fucked by guys and have one that does so pretty regularly. They might not like that I enjoy playing with my ass or occasionally wearing lacy (men’s) underwear or am politically left-leaning or whatever.

Thing is, some people want me and my relationship with my wife to fit into their neat little fantasies. They forget that I’m not writing a choose-your-own-adventure novel here. This is a (relatively constrained) view into our real life. And rather than let it roll over them in a way where they can simply absorb an account of yet another in the infinite number of human sexual variations, the extra bits they don’t relate to annoy them. They want to cut them off. They want to put themselves in Belle’s place and lash out in her honor rather than accept I do nothing that she isn’t 100% A-OK with.

I do get it. I understand. Who hasn’t been reading a novel (or, more likely for this crowd, some porn) and been unhappy with the author’s choice of action? I know I have. And then I either walk away or find a way to edit on the fly around the offending item. Or I just accept it for what it is. Of course, this isn’t a novel and it’s not porn (though it can be pretty steamy, I admit). This blog and my words shouldn’t be confused with those things and no amount of “constructive criticism” can change that. You get me as I am and you read what I tell you. If you don’t like that, then you should dynamically edit, skip, or leave.

Nothing in particular made me write this today. It’s just something that popped into my head. Something I wanted to say. This is real life, people. Not a performance.

12 thoughts on “Advice to the reader

  1. Thank you for your post. I’m one of those people who want you to be different. Who want you to leave Belle and be gay. But you’ve helped me to understand that I want you so bad BECAUSE you are who you are. Thanks for your blog.

      1. That’s what makes your blog so maddening to follow. It’s just like being locked – you want something that’s denied to you

  2. Oh I like what you write, I like how you write it and mostly I love that you use big words. Thanks for being interesting and for sharing with us.

  3. Spot on!!! It’s the same phenomenon as “My kink is better than your kink…” Crazy as it is, open-minded ness is still hard to come by even in these realms. The good ones set aside of course. Don’t want to start a flame war.

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