I’m probably done going to the personal trainer I’ve been seeing for…man, almost four years. The reasons are several but can be boiled down thusly:

  • His motivation strategy basically involves a bunch of macho bullshit I can’t stand.
  • The routines have become repetitive and dull (mostly because it’s a decidedly average gym space).
  • I don’t feel like I’m being “trained.” More like I’m paying him to be my gym buddy (set up my weights, spot me, etc.).

Note that Belle sees him too and will continue to do so since while I’m over him she certainly isn’t and in fact would like him to be over her, literally (which is why he’s called her gym boyfriend at our house).

I’ve found another local gym with trainers and have an appointment with a younger hot one this afternoon to see how it works out. He’s a lot more expensive than the old guy, but there are more options at that gym like classes and what they call “supervised workouts” where someone just helps out with spotting and such so I might be able to craft a solution that is equal to or maybe even a little less than what I’m paying now.

The gym is only a year old and is really nice with all kinds of cool shit and no typical  bullshit gym machines. It also has a proper locker room with a few showers. Since I’ll likely have a much less regular gym schedule than I have now, it’s probable that I’ll be getting there from work or whatever and won’t always be able to come in my gym clothes like I do now. Which means changing in the locker room and perhaps even needing to shower, depending on the time, and, of course, I have this extra interesting shiny tube where a guy’s dick usually is. I brought that all up to Belle last night and she was like, “Yeah? So?”

I mean, of course. Just like when I started going to see a trainer in the first place. She doesn’t want me to be out of the device. Ever. Not unless it’s on her terms. Going to the gym is not on her terms so I will apparently have no clemency in that regard. On the one hand, little fluttery butterflies of nervousness, but on the other, a tube-filling sense of security in that this is not a game this is us and I need to deal with it.

So I’ll deal with it. I’ll look for times that mean I don’t need to shower or can arrive changed and if that’s not possible I’ll figure out a way to change that minimizes the chances another guy will see it. I don’t want to flaunt the Steelheart. I don’t believe in that. But I am conceptually OK with someone seeing it (or evidence of it) inadvertently through just living my live. I don’t advertise but I’m also not going to be ashamed.

5 thoughts on “Gymboree

  1. hi, how do you deal with the situation in the locker room? In my opinion a steel chastity cage is more acceptable than a plastic one. Strange, but I thing a steel cage is more like a piercing or clothing, while a plastic one is more like a sex toy. Do you feel the same difference? So I think you could wear the steel cage when going to the gym. Wonder what the reactions are of the other men in the locker room.

    1. Personally speaking, yes, steel would be more acceptable if for no other reason than it looks a lot cooler and suggests a more significant investment and dedication, but I’m not sure how the average muggle would react differently. Since my gym-going experience doesn’t involve the necessity of using a locker room (yet) I can’t relate any experience on the matter. I would bet the reaction of the other guys would greatly depend on which area of the country (or world) you live in (SF dudes have seen it all by now, after all) and the specific gym (some having a more “lively” clientele than others).

    1. Oddly empowering. It was a Sunday so the gym was pretty quite, though two or three people wandered through while I was in the shower.

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