Evotion 8 review

Evotion 8 male chastity device held in my hand

What I really want in life is a male chastity device that can be my “forever” wear. Not that I would literally never take it off because that’s just a (incredibly hot and potent and loin-stirring) fantasy. I’m talking about a device I never need to take off except for doctor visits, etc. The perfect set-it-and-forget it chastity device that enables indefinite, if not permanent, wear.

Evotion 8 male chastity device being worn


Cage 8 from Evotion Wearables might be that device. Might. It’s a bespoke male chastity device made from 3D printed nylon. It can be configured to use a small padlock or an integrated and enclosed brass lock and also has the option of an integrated piercing fixing for complete security. It’s available in a variety of colors including black and pink and costs US$369 (plus $15 for shipping).

$369 is high for a plastic device. The Holy Trainer v3 is $165 while the venerable CB-6000 is between $150-160, depending on finish. It’s even a lot for a bespoke device. The stock Steelworxx Steelheart, for example, starts at around $190, depending on exchange rates, but that price can go up quite a bit based on options like an integrated lock and PA fixings, both of which are standard on the 8.

Closeup of the Evotion 8 male chastity device being worn by me

But, the Evotion 8 is in many ways the best of both words. It affords a custom fit with a PA fixing option but is metal detector safe. It’s quite light compared to steel (or even other plastic devices) and its relatively open design makes hygiene a snap. Of course, all these benefits are subjective to a point, so whether it’s worth the premium over an HTv3 or Steelheart is up to you.

The one I’ve been wearing for about 10 days has an integrated lock and a rhodium plated stainless steel PA fixing. I ordered it in gloss black but was given the option afterward to get it in a new and unlisted matte option called “jet black.” According to their email to me about it…

Jet Black … has a satiny look/feel (as opposed to our classic dyed nylon which we would say is smooth/glossy). It is not dyed so it will not fade and is less permeable than our classic dyed nylon.

Jet black it is. I found it to not only be matte, but to also have a kind of texture or pattern on it that sort of appears woodgrain which, as I type it, sounds weird but in actuality is really pretty neat. I’m a big fan of this finish.

A close up detail of the Evotion 8 finish

Fit & comfort

Evotion has an extensive and helpful measurement page to assist with ordering. The Cage 8 with a PA fixing requires the following measurements:

  • Shaft size — Inside diameter of the tube’s shaft/the flaccid penis
  • Shaft length — Length of the tube/the flaccid penis not counting the head of the penis
  • Glans length — Distance between the urethral opening to the ridge of the corona, measured over the top
  • PA size — Gauge of the PA piercing or a specific millimeter size (also has an option for uncircumcised men, but I didn’t test that)
  • PA depth — Distance from the tip of the penis to the center of the piercing
  • Base ring diameter — The distance around both the penis and the testicles
  • Base ring gap — Space between the base ring and the bottom of the tube

All these measurements are familiar to anyone who’s ordered a bespoke chastity device. The dimensions I ordered were:

  • Shaft size: 29.5mm
  • Shaft length: 40mm
  • Glans length: 30mm
  • PA size: 4ga
  • PA depth: 18mm
  • Base ring diameter: 42.5mm
  • Base ring gap: 10mm

The result of this was a cage that fit like a second skin. The penis is snug but, unless attempting erection, does not protrude much through the tube’s gaps. There is essentially zero movement of the penis in this tube. I can’t perceive any natural extension or contraction of the length of the flaccid penis and even when attempting erection, there only seems to be a few millimeters of extension. No pulling on the PA hook at all.

I find the Evotion 8 ends up feeling more like a penis exoskeleton than any other device. It’s so snug and so fitted to me. It really feels like a custom object in a way even the Steelheart doesn’t. It envelops and protects its contents. It feels different mentally.

If I made any mistakes, it was in the diameter and gap measurements. I assumed a diameter based on the two options I have with the Steelheart. One ring is 40mm and is too small (though wearable) and the other is 45mm and is far too big (causing the device to hang too low). So I split the difference. However, plastic is not steel and this plastic with its “jet black” matte/textured finish is far more grippy than smooth stainless. It took me several days to grow accustomed to it and found myself having to use silicone lube to make it bearable. On day ten, I don’t seem to have to use as much lube and my body seems to have accepted the ring and it’s become more comfortable, but I probably should have a new ring made that’s at least 1.5-2mm bigger.

The other issue I have is the gap. I’ve never had an issue with a 10mm gap before and it’s what I’ve always specified when having a custom device made but the bottom edge of the tube extends further back than I’m used to and the small gap causes some discomfort where the bottom of the tube interacts with the skin at the underside base of the penis (which, I’ve discovered while doing research for this review, is called the “penile raphe”). I think part of the issue there is the hard edge of the plastic tube rubbing against the tender…raphe. This is an issue that has improved somewhat with wear (getting a tougher raphe, apparently) but I still get pinching there at odd times. It has not yet developed into a sore requiring the removal of the device. Hopefully, when I get a bigger ring it will make that gap bigger, too.

The darn thing’s got wings

Besides these measurement issues, I found the tube’s construction to be quite complicated which caused some discomfort. I would normally make a video of this, but we’re in the midst of #Locktober so it’s, well, locked on me and I’m not at liberty to do so.

Close up of an attempted erection in the Evotion 8 and the resulting extrusion of penis meat
This is what a full erection looks like

The tube is comprised of five pieces: The bottom, the top, the PA hook, and two “locking straps” that hold the whole thing together and meet up with the base ring and form the area that accepts the brass lock. These locking straps slot into an opening on the bottom of the tube and then fold up and around. As they get into place, the quite delicate skin on the bottom of the penis shaft gets caught and pinched. I tried to remove and replace it several times and was never able to do it without pinching. In addition, as the rest of the tube comes together, there are several points where additional skin was pinched. I found that all these little nooks and crannies were places for skin to get caught, sometimes painfully, but as time went by, like the issues with the ring being too tight, the pinching seemed to diminish in intensity.

Bottom line, the Evotion 8 is not a device you will want to remove and replace often or quickly. Even getting it off without some pinches is an challenge. It wants to be in place and then stay there.

One feature (which may be a benefit, depending on your point of view) is that the unique design of the head of the device allows the corona of the glans to protrude during attempted erections. The corona of the glans is, obviously, extraordinarily sensitive. I, personally, could not come from stimulation of the corona all by itself, but teasing it with gentle stroking is fucking electric. Strap me down and do that with a finger or a tongue and it would be essentially torture.

My penis head straining in the Evotion 8 male chastity device during erection

Also, yeah, it does kind of look like swirled soft-serve from this angle.

Speaking of looks, the design of the Evotion 8, with its bulge on top where the integrated lock is housed and the other bulge on the bottom where the PA hook fits, is undeniably polarizing. I find it to be cutely homely but others think it’s ugly. Belle quite likes it. She appreciates the way its form follows its function and likes the color and size. In retrospect, I would like it better if the slots in the head portion of the tube were closed as I really don’t like seeing the penis at all in a device, but that’s totally a personal preference and those slots and gaps make it easier to clean.

Biology & hygiene

I was happy to find that vertical urination in the device is usually achievable. There’s a nice little design feature at the opening of the tube that’s almost like the spout of a pitcher that helps to direct PA leakage away from the body while peeing. It’s not perfect and I’ve found a few times when the leaking was more pronounced than others leading me to usually use a stall/sit when I have the option, but when it’s not an option, it’s totally doable with a bit of care and attention.

Additionally, the gaps and opening of the tube mean excellent hygiene. It’s easy as pie to clean in the shower and I found little residual urine odor over a week and a half. I thought there might be some collection and odor issues due to all the seams and crevices, but that hasn’t much been the case. Since the tube is so snug, it’s hard to get a finger in there to clean the bits not exposed, but I’ve noticed no issues with cleanliness.

An interesting quirk of the Evotion 8’s design is its disposition while wearing. It “presents” forward, meaning the tube part juts out more than really any other device I’ve worn. Far more than the Holy Trainer which is almost the opposite in how it pushes into the testicles. The 8 seems to be more proud of itself. This is probably due to there being less room underneath due to the PA fixing assembly.

The stealth implications, for those who worry about such things, seem like they should be a problem but they’re really not. At least on me (and perhaps due to the snugness of the base ring), the 8 sticks straight out and doesn’t move much laterally. This means in jeans and similar pants, the protrusion is directly behind the zipper and the result is a bulge that looks more like a really big dick than anything unnatural or suspicious. However, when it does shift to the left or right, the distinctive shape of the head can be seen through some fabrics. In baggier sweats or pajama-type pants, the resulting bulge still looks more natural than not in my opinion but, as opposed to how it looks in the jeans, it almost seems like an especially small penis that sticks out because it’s too little to hang down.

This forward presentation “feature” can be more of a bug in larger versions of the 8. I have a Twitter follower who let me know his 8, which was made with a much longer shaft than mine, is almost unwearable due to how much it sticks out. Keep that in mind when ordering. It may not be a device larger guys can wear.

Evotion 8's chastity bump profile seen through Nike running tights

I have not found physical activity to be impacted by the Evotion 8. I’ve run about 14 miles in the ten days I’ve had it on and been to the gym about three times. Its incredible lightness has made it no issue at all while running, though it’s legitimately funky profile looks quite conspicuous in my Nike running tights. At the gym with the trainer, I’d say the bulge is a bit more pronounced than with the Steelheart, especially while doing some seated exercises or when I’m on my back, but it’s not too unnaturally suspicious looking.

It’s a convertible!

While digging around on the Evotion website, I found this…

Cage 8 and Orion can be worn without the base ring, when worn with a piercing. 

And I was like…

Bill and Ted saying, "Whoa."

It’s so freaking light, you do not need the base ring to wear it. Assuming you have a piercing. So, yeah, I had to try that.

Evotion 8 male chastity device being worn without its base ring

I’ve worn one other device like this (the Steelwerks Schandmaske in lucite) and I can really understand the benefits some guys might find from a base ring-less design. It’s interesting to have the option for sure. But I like my devices to be more confining and containing and having a floppy penis with a thing locked on the end feels kind of like cheating.

And maybe it is. I could get essentially a full erection in this configuration and could stroke the shaft, but since I could not get to the Magic “O” Spot™ hiding under the head of the penis, it would take me a long time to come that way. If I ever could. That’s how the penis works, but it’s not necessarily how everyone’s works, so securing the head might not be a deterrent to orgasm for every guy. It certainly isn’t a deterrent to playing with it.

I assumed that the base ring-less configuration would make vertical peeing easier, but no it does not. Way messier. My theory about this is the penis is more compressed when the tube is connected to the base ring and that compression helps seal up the PA and decreasing leaking. When lacking the base ring, I have to pee sitting down. To do otherwise risked massive pants-wetting potential.


Me wearing the Evotion 8

So is the Evotion 8 my “forever device?” No, probably not as-is. The fit isn’t quite right. I’d need the larger base ring for sure. And the fact is, all the little openings and crannies in the tube are not as comfortable as the Steelheart’s smooth interior. But, it’s a go-anywhere device I can wear for weeks and weeks and a lot of that ability is motivated by Belle liking it so much. Once I had enough time in it to know how to review it, I asked if she wanted me back in the Steelheart. Twice. Both times, she wanted to keep me in the Evotion 8. There is no other device I wear she wouldn’t rather have replaced by the Steelheart. If she’s happy, I’m happy.

It’s a custom device so fitting can be tricky and it’s more expensive than others, but the quality and finish are high and the plastic construction makes it a very flexible option for locked men on the move. I quite like the Evotion 8 and think it’s a fine device. With a few tweaks to sizing, it may not be on me “forever” but it certainly could be for as long as Belle likes and with little to no reason to take it off.

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  1. Nice review. I am going to discuss the possibility of trying this brand again. My issues originally were skin reacting negatively to the dye and the same two you highlighted: base ring size and the gap being too small. Thanks!

  2. I bought the half shell from rigid based on your review 2 years ago (6mm PA). It was a good cage but difficult with hygiene. Bought the regular PA cage from Rigid (more open design) some months ago and seems like my hubby can wear it permanent. Been locked 2 months straight now. Will have to remove it tomorrow due to a flight to budapest, + Im going on a swinger club and have not decided if I will have my hubby locked or not there… Anyway, love your site, and very glad you review PA cages 🙂 Btw.. Rigids Chastity’s delivery times are ridiculous.. also note many people complain about their support..but I have them on speed dial.. helped me very fast when I lost the key to the half shell LOL.. Anyway, be interesting if you find a better PA cage in the future. Can also say we bought a Rigid Chastity copy cage from Ebay with 6 mm PA for 30US.. but quality was not on pair with Rigid. (I posted pictures of those ebay cages on my blog)

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