Burning man

I first felt the burning on Friday. I think it was Friday. But anyway, I was sitting in our snug with Belle watching YouTube videos about RVers (jealous?) and way down deep in the end of the cage there was burning.

Of course, I’m no noob. I knew what it was. Sometimes, and for reasons I can’t explain, conditions will exist that allow the acid content of my urine to spike and burn a bit of the device contents. It’s almost always on the head of the thing and, I think, is due to the PA fixing rubbing it so that it becomes irritated and then the extra-acidic urine hits it and boom. Why does it run that way? No idea. What causes the urine to be so extra? No idea.

I left Belle and went into the bathroom and irrigated the tube with water. The burning stopped. But then, later that night, I could feel it again right after I peed. So more water. And again the next morning, but this time I used soapy water. Then rinsed. Felt good. But…no. Not enough. The damage was done and I knew it.

I asked Belle for the key and took the tube off the base ring and found exactly what I knew was going to be there. A slashing angry red blotch that followed the line of the PA fixing.

In the past, this would lead to the device coming off. Probably for days. Logically, the device should have come off. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just…couldn’t. And why?

Well, read this post by Doc. I quoth liberally…

People ask me how I can stay locked for so long. It’s not an easy answer, because there are many factors, but one reason is that I don’t feel locked. I have a titanium dick and it’s my normal state. I don’t like taking it off. It feels wrong. I like denial, as you know, but when I do get an orgasm; they are some of the best orgasm I have ever had. Chastity changes you. It changes your perception of yourself. Removing my cage is like removing an arm. Something is missing when it’s off. These feelings have only grown with time, and I think that’s why those of us fortunate to be locked long term find it so pleasurable and easy to deal with, because we become something new. We are, as Thumper has said, rewired. Without my titianium shell, I feel different, somehow incomplete, and wrong.

I mean, aside from the talk of nasty orgasmses and the part where he name drops me, that’s all perfect and all I can do is nod and nod. It feels so good sometimes to read exactly what’s in your head and how it feels, especially when those things are basically absent from our culture.

So no, I didn’t want to take it off. But I also didn’t want to get to a place where it would get so bad that I’d have no choice and would need to wait through a prolonged recovery. So I kind of compromised.

The issue was started by the PA fixing. So I just took that part out. Inside the tube was only the normal contents, no other metal. I hoped that would let the irritated part of the meat settle down. And, spoilers, it did. All fixed up now. No issues at all. But along the way, something weird happened.

When the contents are in the Steelheart without the fixing (which very rarely happens, but has been the case a handful of times), it’s…well, unfixed. Meaning it can come out the back. Which can be helpful if you need to take a (very) quick looksee at its condition, but also it means it’s just kind of bouncing around in there. The tube of the Steelheart was sized to be just smaller than the diameter of the erection it was designed to contain, but when not in that condition, the contents can be much less filling. Think clapper in a bell.

That’s very distracting. And totally ruins the feeling of the Steelheart and its contents being one inseparable unit. Doc talks about the merging that happens in our brains which is how I’m usually feeling but that extra bit of movement removing the fixing allows shreds that. So I was locked and felt good about that, but did not like all the extra bobbing about.

What I also found weird were the sounds that came from the Steelheart. At one point yesterday, I was reading something that made me tight and I heard a very strange long, drawn out kind of…I dunno. Squelching sound. I can’t describe it. I looked around me to find the source and realized it was the fucking Steelheart filling up. I have no clue what was going on there. And another issue was the little button of meat that would pop through the hole in the end of the tube when it was filled. I hate that.

But whatever. Things are all back to normal now. The fixing is back in, the burned bit is healed (enough), the sounds and little button of pink are gone. And nothing can be removed from the device without a key.


7 thoughts on “Burning man

  1. My hubby is having an infection due to PA right now.. and got antibiotic cream. Normally he is locked in a rigid Chastity, if not he is using a 6 mm ring.
    That said, he had a PA and have used cage for years without any problem..
    Anyway, I have to unlock him twice a day so he can clean and put the cream.. best would be to not use the cage for a while but since Im cuckolding him (having a relation) I cannot trust him to be unlocked.. 🙂

      1. Too early to tell, he took a clamyida and gonorrhea test as well. But he have a burning sensation when pee and visible red line fron PA going one cm Back.
        His doctor looked at it and agreed it was not typical for Chlamydia or gonorrhea.. That said, when the dotor locked at the PA he said: Never seen a piercing in penis before.. and was way bigger than he tough. Anyway, he would not be suprised if it was a regular infection relating to ring pulling bacteria .. and if PA get soar its easier to get an infection than without.. That said, my hubby had the piercing for years now without any issue. Now he got antipiotic cream to put on the ring and PA. The other tests will come next week. But would be strange if it was something else, I take clamydia test once pr year, and my hubby is only allowed to enter me once pr blue moon.

  2. Perhaps a second cage that doesn’t require the PA piercing might help in these rare situations.

    1. These kinds of situations are more about reducing contact with the spot, letting it get some air, and keeping it clean. Logic would have dictated just taking it off. But chastity logic works differently.

      1. Oh I know. That’s why a different cage that doesn’t involve contact with that spot might do the trick and yet you’d still be caged. Regardless, I’m glad you’re back at things again in a normal (for you) situation!

  3. I wanted to write a thank you note for documenting your journey in this blog, and here seemed as appropriate as anywhere.

    Not too long ago, I ended up in a situation not unlike what your wife had encountered, and reading through some of your earlier posts resonated with me. The way you described Belle Fille’s actions and reactions really sank in and helped me grow a vocabulary to describe what I’m feeling to Mage (my significant other).

    So, thank you. Very much. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but sometimes just knowing that other, real people out there find themselves in these same situations has gone a long ways toward making everything more manageable.

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