In response to my last post and the note I put in it saying I don’t count time spent switching devices or cleaning/hygiene as “unlocked,” Tom commented…

The word “permanent” is the worst word to use, except for all the others. I’m unlocked for medical, travel (neither of us want that kind of attention), and when I head out on longer distance cycling jaunts (no point in having me get all chafed).

And I totally agree. I actually tweeted about this a while back. What does it mean to be in “permanent” chastity?

I consider myself to be “permanently” kept in chastity. Even though, besides times like I mentioned above, I have been unlocked for things like doctor visits or trips though the TSA with the kids, etc. “Permanent” because I have permanently handed control over my locked status to Belle. And Belle has said many times (and, in fact, my rules unequivocally state) that I am always to be locked unless I absolutely cannot be or she wants what’s inside. And, as anyone who’s been to my blog before knows, I always want to be locked up. In my heart and mind, I am forever and always locked in chastity.

Buuuuut, according to a strict reading of “permanent,” what I describe isn’t that. There are guys (and other penis-having people) on the net who have riveted shut their devices. There are guys (and other PHP) who will tell you they haven’t been out of their devices for yeeears. And…OK.

Look, I’m here to tell you right now the idea of literally never ever seeing the contents again because they’re locked away into a device forever and always is, absolutely, hot as fuck. But I can also tell you, with a high degree of expertise on the matter, that it’s impossible. At least with current technology.

Setting aside how simply impractical it is (the kind of stuff Tom said) and how complicated it would make certain aspects of one’s life, the cruel fact of the matter is chastity devices get peed on a lot. And urine is like really hard water. It leaves mineral deposits. And that shit needs to be dealt with. Even when I wear the Evotion 8, a mostly plastic, mostly open device that sails through metal detectors, the issue of mineral accretion happens. And when that’s not dealt with, the bits that are against skin or literally through the head of the penis become really uncomfortable.

I would estimate that the reason I ask for the Steelheart to come off nine out of ten times is because the PA ring gets a crusty build-up that ends up being super uncomfortable and irritating. I can go maybe three weeks before getting there, but I always do. The Evotion and Halfshell, being the other two PA-fixed devices I wear, are the same.

So far this year, I have been unlocked 3 hours and 53 minutes. That’s three times Belle wanted the contents inside her and one trip to the doctor. Three hours and 53 minutes out of 4,175, AKA locked up 99.9% of the time. So no, not permanent because that was in five different devices and the contents did get wet three times, but man. How much closer to permanent can you get? I mean, in a relationship where my keyholder still does, if however infrequently, want to take the contents out for spin.

Short story long, I think when it comes to the concept of locking a penis in a device, we need to have a slightly more liberal definition of the word permanent. I would not argue with someone who wants to say they’re in indefinite chastity. Or some other wiggly turn of phrase. But I hope we can all agree that at some point, two or three nines to the right of a decimal point is more than sufficient to rank as permanent.

I mean, if you’re keeping score. If not, disregard this whole post.

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  1. Absolutely agree with your “permanent” definition when it comes to be locked up.
    I do bike rides, Mountain Bike, with it but when it comes to long rides in unknown terrain I ask for a release, a complete temporary and controlled release whereas I am to relock at the first available opportunity.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you. My very full prostate & balls would disagree with the notion that my present chastity has not been “permanent” over the last month+ simply because two days were spent with no device in place. Orgasm was still controlled the whole time and nothing happened. I definitely like to be locked as much as possible, but as long as control continues 100% of the time, I don’t see what more could be reasonably expected.

  3. The nerd in me wants to talk in terms of it’s only “real” if it’s five-nines chastity. Which is of course utterly silly drek, but the thought still makes me giggle.

    Like, have you filed a change request with CAB (Chastity Advisory Board) for this down time? There’s (ahem) stiff financial penalties if we violate the SLA (Submissive Level Agreement) on this project!

  4. Amazing synchronicity reading this post as someone was just “explaining” to me this week why nearly four-years of 24/7 device-chastity – save for doctors, air travel, and the count-on-one-hand-MAYBE-two times she wanted to let me out to tease or please herself – doesn’t count as “permanent chastity”. Okay, Zoomer. Whatever it is, it works for us!

  5. Completely agree re your hygiene point but also your point that Belle decides. Like you i too prefer to be locked than inlocked. There are times, however, when Owner decides otherwise. i am kept in a state of permanent mental chastity and an almost permanent physical one too.

    Love your blog btw.


  6. But I hope we can all agree that at some point, two or three nines to the right of a decimal point is more than sufficient to rank as permanent.

    I guess I should also have mentioned that a few years ago I started working on a way for men to describe their locked and denied status, without all the arguing and posturing and explaining what their version of “permanent” means. What I came up with was a simple 2 axis scale, and a simple explanation of how to use that scale. In my case, I’m sitting right around an 8, 8.

    For those who are inclined to either rate themselves, or to figure out where they stand:

  7. Glad someone finally mentioned the little crusties on the prong. Mine doesn’t follow a timeline, but any period that involves a lot of precum, involves crusties that are difficult to clean off. They actually get quite sharp! I’ve written a lot about permanent, it’s a loaded word ripe for internet ogres waiting to pounce. “That’s not permanent!! I’ve welded mine on, tagged, glued, riveted, and put poisonous booby traps on mine”

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