Kitty with a key

Found the Kitty with a key blog today while looking through the sites that refer traffic to me. It’s written by a woman who keeps her man locked up. Women-written chastity blogs seem to be the minority, so it’s always good to find a new one. I also approve of its design (which is a feat all by itself). It’s only been around since April so catching up won’t be too hard. You should check it out.

It’s funny to me that I don’t really read that many blogs on this subject. There are a few I like, but even then I fall behind and have to catch up. Except for Twitter, I’m a bit of a recluse, really. Antisocial. But…you know. Introvert.

In the comments, name a chastity blog you think is great. Only one, though, and not this one (or your own, though feel free to mention that if you have one). Go!