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Found the Kitty with a key blog today while looking through the sites that refer traffic to me. It’s written by a woman who keeps her man locked up. Women-written chastity blogs seem to be the minority, so it’s always good to find a new one. I also approve of its design (which is a feat all by itself). It’s only been around since April so catching up won’t be too hard. You should check it out.

It’s funny to me that I don’t really read that many blogs on this subject. There are a few I like, but even then I fall behind and have to catch up. Except for Twitter, I’m a bit of a recluse, really. Antisocial. But…you know. Introvert.

In the comments, name a chastity blog you think is great. Only one, though, and not this one (or your own, though feel free to mention that if you have one). Go!

22 thoughts on “Kitty with a key

      1. I noticed that too. Also, the chastity forums don’t seem to have the same traffic of guys just starting. I think the contraction of chastity blogs is due to the fact that most people who start them are new to enforced chastity and stop writing when they give up on chastity. The lack of new ones to replace them is concerning. It could be that our already-rare kink is becoming even more exotic.

      2. I still get quite a few search hits for my own blog, and the Chastity Forums has a constant stream of new registers every week. We also see a lot of people who just pop in for a few questions and never return.

        Also, the Forums has a section where people can actually have their own blog or journal. Apparently there are a lot of users who don’t really want to start a WordPress or Blogger project, and prefer to have a small journal right at the forums.

        Another thing – I’m noticing a lot more femdom porn shots with men in devices. Eventually this kind of thing makes it out into the real world, so I really doubt that it’s becoming more exotic.

    1. Give me a break–I spend most of my day lurking online. And sometimes not lurking. It makes work go faster and keeps me happy with lots of pics. 🙂

  1. I like Caged Lion’s Male Chastity Journal. Miss and I are sorta at the same place as the Lions, and Lion and me are more alike than different, so his ruminations are frequently a good way for me to explain to Miss where my head is about something. Miss and Mrs Lion are nothing alike, but I like the fact that Mrs Lion posts a lot and the strength and warmth of their relationship really comes through.

    1. We both love your blog. 🙂 I wish we could write as much as you do but I’m not very good at the daily blog thing. It’s nice to know that I always get to know what is going on with you guys on a daily basis.

    1. Wow, thanks Carolina Cyclist, I have to say I’m somewhat flattered to have gotten a mention here! 🙂

      I would also have to recommend

      Someone mentioned liking blogs where both partners contribute to it regularly, and this is another great example of that. Perhaps some day I will be able to get my wife to write a bit about her perspective as key-holder on my blog as well!

      1. Absolutely PC Guy. I have a journal on Chastity Forums and have been seriously thinking about starting a blog. I enjoy writing so we will see.

  2. Most of the commenters here were probably aware of it; but maybe I should mention for the causal reader that I regularly update a blog aggregate with yours, these, and more blogs at:

    It’s specifically for blogs that feature chastity and OD in a relationship context – as opposed to chastity for it’s own sake, or BDSM, or other aspects.

  3. Awww it’s so nice of you to mention my blog!! ^_^ We’ve been (well, him more than me) reading this blog for so many years that I almost feel like some celeb knows I exist.

    I’m partial to blogs written by women because my world is mostly populated by men… but I really like Also Male Chastity Journal, except it’s updated so frequently that I sometimes find it hard to keep up! (Read: it’s impressive and I’m secretly jealous haha.)

  4. Our search results are growing slowly. My observation was based on the lack of “how do I fit this” posts on the chastity forum. On second thought, it may be that we bloggers are offering more accessible advice on how to get started. My page on getting a good fit consistently ranks in my top three most popular pages. Maybe as Tom suggests, femdom is becoming more mainstream and our readers come in with more knowledge than they used to.

    Kitty, thanks for the kind words. I’ve grown to like writing daily posts.

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