There was a point while wearing the venerable Steelheart last month when I realized I didn’t want it on anymore. Which is not to say I wanted out. What I wanted was for the Evotion Orion to go back on. Sort of a shocking moment for me since so much of my identity has been invested into that shiny steel tube for so long. But there I was.

It was all very practically driven. I do love how the Steelheart looks. I love how it feels to have a smooth, warm steel tube in place of the contents. I love how the Steelheart fills out my underwear. But more than all that, I guess I love what it’s like to wear the Orion. So I asked Belle to let me put it back on after a couple weeks in the Steelheart.

March ended like this…

Locked 100% of the month but also almost perfectly 50/50 between the two devices. I didn’t try and do that.

For the record, I’ve been in a device 99.7% of the time so far this year. About 6.5 hours unlocked. I don’t have any reason to believe I’ll have any unlocked time in April. The goal of <24 hours unlocked all year is on track.

I also don’t have any reason to believe I’ll be in anything other than an Evotion Orion for the rest of the year. Or maybe ever. I have a very special and very shiny new Orion being made now I can’t wait to get on and once that’s here, in combination with the one I already have, I might be done looking at and trying on new devices. Like, ever. Unless some very interesting new design comes along that I want to test, I guess. I can confidently say that none of the other devices I have hold much appeal to me now.

You guys, I used to wear like four devices in a month. I was always swapping and enjoyed the variety. Now I’m in the one and like, “Yeah, I’m good.” That’s how great the Orion is.

Based on their guidance, I’m hoping the new Orion will have landed by about mid-month. Looking very much forward to writing that review!

Evotion Orion review

Previous to the arrival of the Evotion Orion male chastity device, I was locked into the Evotion 8 for 43 days. This is easily my longest continuous duration in that device and was due to Belle’s newly reinvigorated key discipline but was also helpful as I approached writing this review of the 8’s more evolved sibling. As I said in my Evotion 8 review, I really like that device. Do I like the Orion as much?

Typical NSFW close-up images of me wearing the Orion behind the jump…

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Evotion evolution

I mentioned the other day that we were going to start exercising more key discipline. Specifically, my “emergency” key would be secured with a numbered tab and hers would be inaccessible to me. Either hidden or secured some other way so that I couldn’t get to it easily/ethically.

I got her this lock box from Amazon which I thought would allow her to keep the key in her nightstand as usual, easily unlocked with her phone or a code, but she decided to hide it somewhere in the house. Now it’s not only secured from me, it’s also stashed away, I know not where. So the other day, when I asked for her key to change out of the Evotion 8 and into something else, she…was disinclined to acquiesce to my request.

Turns out, she likes the Evotion 8 and didn’t really feel like getting the key (and potentially giving away its location) and didn’t really see the need for me to be in anything else at the moment, my desire for a change notwithstanding. And it’s like…damn. OK. That’s how it is.

I have become very accustomed to being able to pick and choose which device I’m in depending on my whims. And now when I look at the Evo, I think about how it’s there without regard to my feelings on the matter. And yeah, that’s way hotter.

Speaking of Evotion, I had planned on ordering an Orion. The 8 is one of my absolute favorite devices and I was very curious about the Orion’s simplified design. I reached out to Yvonne at Evotion to see if they had my 8’s measurements on file to use as a starting point, and she offered to comp me the device because, you know, internet personality and all. I am paying for the hollow titanium PA pin, so it ends up we’re about splitting the cost. I mention this because I rarely review devices I haven’t paid for and I think it’s important for you to know when I’m talking about something I got for free (or deeply discounted). In any event, the device is in the works and I hope to have it sometime around the start of December. It’s going to look a lot like this one but with a hollow PA pin.

The thing I really appreciate about Evotion’s designs is how they’re a) plastic (for when plastic is called for), b) custom printed to bespoke measurements, and (uniquely, I think) c) have optional integrated PA security. Whenever I’m in a Holy Trainer or Cobra or other plastic device, it just doesn’t feel the same. PA security is very important to me and changes the emotional experience of being locked up, I find. And AFAIK, Evotion’s are the only bespoke plastic PA-secured devices out there.

Look for my review of the Orion sometime around the end of the year. Assuming Belle lets me take the 8 off. Ever.