Go read this, part II

Not sure if it’s real or not (or if it really matters, ’cause it’s pretty frickin’ hot), but there’s a new blog called A year of teasing and denial. It’s written from the point of view of a woman supposedly allowing her boyfriend “only” 52 orgasms in 2009. While 52’s starting to seem like a ridiculously indulgent amount, it’s certainly fun to read.

2 Replies to “Go read this, part II”

  1. It is real and if 52 orgasms in a year seems indulgent probably depends on the point of view :). I think it is pretty generous, but my boyfriend certainly wouldn’t mind a bit more (he usually has an orgasm about once a day when we are not playing). Thanks for featuring my blog!

  2. To paraphrase former President Clinton, “Define real.”

    The blog is real, the situation presented is real, but the substance is fake. This is written by a man the way he would like to see his life in the relationship that he has. Some of it might be true, and I am being generous in my assessment.

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