Making it official

Today, Belle and I signed our Covenant. It’s changed somewhat from the original document. I had to add the bit about me not being allowed to touch her in a way that suggests I get to decide when we have sex, but plus or minus a few other things, it’s pretty much the same as it was when we first started working on it.

I know some people don’t like contracts or feel they’re unnecessary. Maybe they’re just happier to go with the flow or don’t like the idea of being locked into one way to play. Personally, I’ve always been the kind of guy who feels more comfortable living life accompanied by some structure and routine. Also, I like that we’ve been able to put on paper exactly what’s expected of me by both of us. It’s like having a map with a “You are here” pin sticking in it. I like knowing what the rules are.

Before, I had always thought there’d be some kind of little ceremony surrounding the signing, but we did it simply and without fanfare on the couch while she was reading the paper this morning. It was simple, but I could feel the significance of it radiating from every little submissive cell in my body. Now I’m equal parts nervous and excited. I can’t wait to see how things will develop now that we’ve formalized this new layer of our relationship.

6 thoughts on “Making it official

  1. This is different from our arrangement. While Mrs. Edge prefers being in control of the when, where, and how often, she still enjoys a fondle, and has no objection to me copping a feel. In fact, I do believe she rather enjoys me trying my best to seduce her.

    More than once while still caged, I’ve tossed her on the bed, or pressed her up against a wall, smoldering with passion. The important thing to her is that it’s still her call.

  2. That’s pretty much how we were playing it until recently. I think, though, that Belle likes being in *absolute* control of how it all goes down. She’d rather I have to ask before trying to come on to her. Of course, that plays very well into my unfairness thing. Laying next to her, wanting to touch her but not being able to, actually makes my chest tighten. And of course all *that* makes me that much more submissive.

    I suppose it’s possible she’ll want me to be more active in the future. Maybe she’ll get tired of the passivity of the current arrangement. According to the rules, she can change them whenever she wants and all I can do is go along.

  3. the link to ‘our covenant’ doesn’t work…is there an updated one? i’m reading your entire blog and this is as far as i’ve gotten…so far. very enjoyable viewing your thoughts and insights, thank you.

    1. I don’t want to ruin the ending for you, but we eventually ditched the covenant in order to make things simpler between us. Hence the dead link.

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