Floggers and crops

My birthday is right around the corner. I’m going to be forty-somethingmumbleorother. With that in mind, and in the shadow of our one and only flogger meeting its demise against my ass the other day, I showed Belle the items I’d like to see fill my birthday stocking:

  • The first is a 12″ suede flogger. I’ve had my eye on its larger 24″ brother for a while now (and the dude modeling it – oh, mama), but after thinking about it, wonder if there’s enough space in Belle’s bedroom to swing it. I picked suede over smooth leather purely for aesthetic reasons (I can almost feel the suede running over my back and ass already). It looks like a quality piece of kit that won’t fly apart like the cheap little thing it replaces.
  • The second item is a short riding crop (oh look, there’s that guy again!1). As it expired, the old flogger kind of turned into a ghetto-style crop and I liked the difference in sensation. This one’s also on the shorter side (as the name implies), but has a wider head than some.

Belle, after seeing these, says, “Maybe they can be from your mom.”

*Snort*, I said. “Sure, maybe I can send her the link.”2

“No, silly, she left me some money for your birthday.”

“Oh. Cool.”

“How much are those?”

“About a hundred bucks,” I said, “How much did she give you?”

“A hundred bucks.”

Sweet! I get new hitty things! I’ll be doing my best to forget who they’re from, though. I’m not that weird.

1 OK, fine, for you straight guys and/or lesbian or bi girls, here’s the other flavors the flogger and crop come in.

2 Not that she’d be at all surprised. Mom’s know, you know. Also, she walked in on/found out about enough stuff when I was in high school to suspect I don’t swing the bat like the other boys.

3 Replies to “Floggers and crops”

  1. Okay, do not get a flogger with a 12″ fall. I’ve read that the minimum you want to get is 18″, and if I could, I would definitely go for the 24″. We have one that’s between 18 and 24–I can’t remember and I’m sorry, Robbie keeps it at his house so I can’t measure. But I can tell you that:

    1) It feels awesome.
    2) You don’t need that much room to swing it. Believe me, I’ve used it on him. (MWAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!) If your bedroom is big enough for a full-sized bed and enough room for two humans to walk around its perimeter, it’s big enough for a flogger.
    3) You are very lucky. Everyone should get regularly flogged with a suede flogger. By the way . . . have you offered to gently service flog Belle? 😉

    1. Darn it, I should have posted about this and solicited advice before rushing off all half-cocked (*snicker*). I already ordered them and they’re already shipped. Oh well, maybe I can exchange the flogger if we find it too small.

      With regard to…

      1) I can’t wait!
      2) Good to know.
      3) I am, aren’t I?

      Belle and I have talked about our relative desires to feel pain (me, lots, her, not at all), but we haven’t really had a device that could be used *gently* that would also induce some sensation. Our old flogger was barely a step up from a party favor. Now that you mention it, I’ll surely be bringing it up.

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