Belle’s dream

Belle woke up Sunday morning to tell me about a dream she just had. In it, I had taken some kind of drug or something that had caused the cock and testicles to detach from my body (separately) and “slink off” onto the bed where they curled up next to each other. Also, I was mad because we were going somewhere and I was getting dressed in a loud plaid shirt with a reversible belt that was a matching plaid on one side and a solid color on the other. I was upset over not knowing which side of the belt to wear with the shirt, but not so much that my reproductive organs were napping on the bed like two little kittens.

Dreams are weird, man.

2 Replies to “Belle’s dream”

    1. *nervous laughter*

      I don’t think so. She’s very fond of her cock (as am I) and it won’t do her much good in a jar somewhere.

      Here’s hoping, anyway.

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