What about you?

Since the blog will likely be “dark” until after Easter when we’re back from London, I thought this would be a great time to haul out the reader survey again. For those who were around about a year ago, this is where I, driven by an insatiable curiosity in all the invisible eyes that peer into my most private and personal life, ask you, the invisible peepers, a handful of questions. The only thing I do with the responses is report them back to you. Also, there’s a chance at the end of the survey for you to say or ask anything you want about the blog, me, Belle, health insurance reform, or your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe. Mmmm…peanut butter.

So what’s stopping you? Take the reader survey! (The survey is closed! Results soon…)

P.S. On second thought, keep your health insurance reform opinions to yourself.

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