Imminent departure

I am feeling quite seriously horny.

I only mention this because it’s been on my mind a lot today. And yesterday. Oh, and the day before that. Wait…yeah, OK, so all this week. Belle was away from Sunday morning until basically Thursday (she got home in the middle of the night Wednesday). Absence makes the heart grow whatever the saying is and, trust me, when she’s gone my heart’s not the only thing trying to grow around here. With her moderating influence gone, I tend to only get hornier and hornier until I find myself tossing and turning all night long.

Tomorrow night, the entire family leaves on an international vacation. After an eight and a half hour overnight flight, we arrive in London at about noon local time for a week’s Brady Bunch-style romp (though I’ve already warned the kids about the tiki necklace issue). Last night, I asked Belle what her plans were with regard to her cock while we were away. Obviously, she can’t take it through airport security protected by the Steelheart. She declined the idea that I dust off the CB6K since, as I’ve mentioned before, she’s way too smitten with the steel now. I expected her to leave me out for the length of the trip (since I’ve already been in for a little over three weeks), but she says she plans on letting me out tomorrow only so she can pack the Steelheart. Then, once we’re over there and settled in to our hotel, she’s locking it back up again. With the exception of when we’re actually in transit to and from, she will be maintaining control over the cock, regardless of our vacation.

As soon as she told me this, I felt an unexpected surge of affection toward her that nearly brought tears to my eyes. I pulled her in for a deep kiss. Later that night, I thanked her for it. I’m not sure exactly what I was thanking her for except that I appreciated her desire to continue my enforced chastity, even while on a family vacation. I told her that it made me feel good inside. It maintains our intimate link. Makes me feel special. Like she really cares for me. Loved.

I’m hoping for some bunny-on-Belle action tonight since it’s been nearly a week and we’ll have few opportunities for anything beyond a quiet, undercover orgasm for her once we’re all sharing a hotel room. My expectations are probably too high, but it’d be nice to send us off with a really remarkable climax.

4 thoughts on “Imminent departure

  1. I think you thanked her for her consideration on airport security. she makes sure you are not embarrassed, and is pragmatic. But she has a plan in place for you and control remains hers. Her approach is very down to earth and that is possibly a relief for you as well.

    Anyway have a great holiday in London and a safe return.

  2. When in London don’t miss the Toy Museum and the Neal’s Yard Dairy shop in Covent Garden for some amazing cheeses. The kids may enjoy the view from the Eye-it’s wonderful if it’s a clear day.
    The British Museum is less interactive and arranged than most US museums, but there are still great things to see there.
    A proper high tea in a fancy hotel is also a blast if the kids appreciate fancy dining. Otherwise, an ice-cream coronet with a stick of chocolate flake will do the trick. Get extra napkins-the flake is really flaky.
    I hate the TSA enough I’d be tempted to force them to double check the device, but not with the kids around.
    Have a great time!

  3. Thanks, PC. I’ve been to London before, but only for a few days each time. This is the first time we’ve taken the kids. The Eye is definitely on the list of to-do’s as is the British Museum, though I don’t know how long it’ll hold the kid’s interest. We’ll look into the Toy Museum. Hadn’t heard of that one.

    And tell you what, if you’re curious about what the TSA would do, why don’t you try it out first and let me know how it goes? 😉

  4. Thumper, if your kids are ghoulish (and most are!) you could take them on a Jack the Ripper waking tour. It’s actually in a really interesting area of London, and quite fun.

    The Tower of London also seems pretty popular with kids – I think its the beheading that they like.

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