It’s all you

The 2010 reader survey is history! Here are the results.

Gender: Not unlike last time, most of you are guys. Last year it was 70%, this year it’s 72%. That’s a whole lot of testosterone. Maybe I should start a Ladies Night or something.

Age: The biggest segment reported they were 36-45 (34%), 24-35 came in second (24%) and 46-55 was right behind that (23%). Last year, the 24-35 group was number one, 36-45 number two. I am apparently appealing more to an older demo nowadays. That’s not going to help the ad rates…

Kink: A full 56% identified as submissive and another 29% said they were switch. Only 10% said they were dominant. 2% said “other” (not sure what that means) and 3% said they weren’t kinky at all (o rly?).

Kinkiness: Last year the average kinkiness score (on a scale of 1 to 10) was 6.7. This year, it’s just about the same at 6.4. The most popular response was 7, followed very closely by last year’s most popular response of 8. Three people said they were tens (rwar!) and two said they were ones (queue sad trombone).

Gayness: Just as depressing as last year. With an average Kinsey score of 1.39, almost 71% of you score yourselves either zero or one. Only nine percent said they were five or six. I am a flaming homosexual compared to most of you. Elton-fucking-John, that’s me.

Chastity: This year, I asked readers if they or their partner have used or are using a chastity device. Just 52% said yes. I guess I thought this would be a higher number since it seems to be the primary reason for the blog. I also asked what kind of device they used. The vast, overwhelming majority said some flavor of the CB-x000 line (and most of those were CB-6000). Chastity Heaven was mentioned more than a few times as was the Fort and the Birdlock (though not as often as I thought it would be). There were just a handful who said they’ve used full Florentine-style belts. A couple more said Steelworxx or Lori’s tubes. A few people said they used no device at all (show offs).

About half the people who took the survey left a comment, most of which were of the “you’re great, keep it up” variety. I truly appreciate all the support and feel unworthy of the praise, but I thank you for it anyway. There were also a few with questions and more thought-provoking comments which I’ll save for future posts.

7 thoughts on “It’s all you

  1. Woot! Cool. I’m glad to be partly unique(ish) [female] and partly mainstream [thirty-something-or-other-which-is-really-more-like-forty-something-or-other).

    For the rest of the questions, I can’t remember what the hell I put and now wish I had a copy of what I sent you! Also, I kinda wish there were more of these surveys out there; between yours and Meg’s (persephone’s), I am getting an interesting picture of how perverse or not people are. Cool!

  2. I have to defend myself! I’m just too obsessed with words and labels so I couldn’t say submissive. I’m getting there. Maybe. Or not. And. I don’t really remember the alternatives anymore but I didn’t feel like anything other either. Please forgive me my reckless ways, won’t you dear sir.

  3. Regarding ‘devices’: Some bossy women who like to keep their man on a ‘short leash’ (yes, I am talking about my ‘other’) find ‘devices’ way ‘over the top’…. and I suspect others simply expect their wishes to be honored without any ‘mechanical aid’…. Most women simply expect compliance with their wishes…. (One man’s opinion).

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