Don likes it rough

Just got around to watching last week’s Mad Men season 4 premiere. If you’re a fan, you were probably as surprised as I was to see Don ask a hooker to slap him around. True, we’ve seen him play with bondage when he tied up Bobbie whatshername (and then leave her like that), but who the hell knew he bottomed? Anyone else get all fluttery when he asked her to hit him harder? The way his eyes close after the third slap? Yeah, that’s the stuff…

I’m sorry…where was I? Oh, yeah. First of all, the coverage over his desire to be abused (with the woman on top, no less) has been a little breathless. Kinky? Really? OK, fine, I guess. But is Don really kinky? Already the post-show analysis bloggers seem to be suggesting the scene has another meaning. For example, Slate said this:

[I]s there more meaning here—is his desire to take a beating a manifestation of his guilt about the indiscretions that ruined his marriage?

Yes, I know, he’s a complicated dude with a complicated, compartmentalized life, but seriously!? If this turns into some kind of bullshit psychological crap I’m going to be very disappointed. Some guys, you know, just like to get the shit beat out of them. Some guys like it to hurt. Wouldn’t it be so much more refreshing to see a character with real masochistic tendencies (I suppose it would be too much to ask to see his upturned ass reddened with a crop) as opposed to just another media misrepresentation of the mentally ill abuse victim?

5 thoughts on “Don likes it rough

  1. Belle appears to be very serious about having things her way, which I think is wonderful. She should keep you locked up until you think it is kinky to be otherwise.

    So just curious, when is your wedding aniversery?

    And what is the longest that Belle has had you go without an ejaculation, not including strict prostate milking which only dribbles out?

    And finally, is this blog ever coming out as a book?

    Opening your lives to this extent is admirable and I hope your identy remains a secret. Keep up the delightful writing.

  2. She should keep you locked up until you think it is kinky to be otherwise.

    And you should remember that this isn’t some porn fantasy but real people in a real relationship.

    when is your wedding aniversery?

    Our anniversary is in mid-October. Not sure if I’ve ever said the exact date on the blog, so for the time being we’ll just leave it at that.

    nd what is the longest that Belle has had you go without an ejaculation

    Two months, three weeks, five days.

    And finally, is this blog ever coming out as a book?

    I think to write a book, one needs a point of view. I don’t really have one yet so wouldn’t know what to write about other than our story so far (which I think this blog does well enough). I would never say never, but I have no plans to do so.

  3. Ho boy, had to read this. I’m still on second season, so – spoil sport! (My own fault, I know.) Anyway, to the thing at hand. I work with writing and have on many occasions met the need to use symbols that I’d wish were used differently. And been later accused of it, too. It’s just that some symbols are so strong that even if you really just want to talk about the subject, it turns the tables and comes (in the minds of watchers or readers) the mere symbol it reflects. I’m forcing my way out of those dichotomies (usually are) but we have to keep in mind that even to us, the ones with the kinky ass shit under our belt, it still has mega symbolic power. Well, doesn’t it? The most powerful and assholish man, the ad man for kinks sake, wants to be degraded? That is some good stuff, even if it has the connotations (that it has to have) you are afraid it does. He still wants it, whatever the offered connotations and interpretations.

    It’s like when gays came to movies. At first they were the funny scrawny kid, the comic relief, and now they are making movies (and tv series!) just for and about gays. (I’m not saying those are without any stereotypical effects.)

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