Eminent domain

In the beginning, I gave Belle the cock. Not only the cock, but everything associated with it including my balls, all the fluids they produced, and any opportunity to use those things to achieve sexual pleasure. So, it made some sense that she’d then – just last week – claim control over my ass. It is, after all, how I gain access to my prostate which is yet another part of the system I had already given to her. No, I hadn’t specifically given her that very special gland, but it is an integral part of the rest and so closely related to the production of the system’s output and my sexual pleasure, that I’m sure any court would have agreed and said she was well within her rights to regulate my access to it.

But how can I square all that with her latest land grab? Last night, she told me I wasn’t allowed to play with my nipples without her permission (where, of course, “play with” means “torture”, “abuse”, and “reduce to quivering puddles of painful pleasure”). So yeah, what’s up with that? They’re, like, two feet (or something) from the cock and not physically connected in any way. Well, except for how what happens to them directly affects the status of the cock and how much of the tube’s interior volume it’s trying to occupy. And how the pain stimulus feeds some kind of direct endorphine-like current deep into my brain in such a way as to make my mouth go slack and my eyes defocus. And how, even as the most intensely torturous, twisty, biting and burning abuse I think the plump pink meat can stand before ripping right off my body is inflicted upon them, not only is the sensation immediately converted to raw pleasure but I’m driven to stretch their tender and bruised little beings right back into the waiting jaws of the vicious little clamps I got from fucking Old Navy, of all places, and…and…*GASP!*

Yeah. OK. I can see her point. She’s not just in control of the cock or the ass or the nipples or, in fact, any one physical aspect of my body. She’s claiming control over every expression of my sexuality. And yes, as she points out, this is the logical extension of what I wanted when I first gave her the cock. What else should I expect? If she’s going to do it, she may as well do it right.

5 thoughts on “Eminent domain

  1. Just an example your lack of true submissive values are your words about the first time Belle requested Mr. Darcy.

    “In thinking about it, I think the “tired” thing came from the fact that I wasn’t *really* enjoying it. I had built up to this moment for so long and felt that there was so much potentially riding on her experience that I never allowed myself to let go and have fun with it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I never even got hard. I hope next time to relax a bit.”

    Should Belle ever ask for Mr. Darcy again, you should consider it to be only about pleasing Belle. She is not being selfish. It is just a practical solution as she trys to accomodate your needs and still meet her own.

    Belle had asked to be pleased and until that happened nothing else mattered. To say for any reason that you were “not *really* enjoying it” shows self centered attention as opposed to only being concerned about Belle’s pleasure.

    Do you really expect Belle to ask you to do something again after you announce that you didn’t enjoy it?

    1. I’m not sure you and I occupy the same planet.

      You’re totally misrepresenting my words and seem to advocate a POV I totally disagree with. I could not be in a relationship in which I didn’t gain some level of enjoyment or satisfaction. No one could. And, as I say in that quote, I was *too* preoccupied with her enjoyment of the moment to allow myself any pleasure.

      If you think my ultimate goal should be her satisfaction with zero regard to my own, then you’re reading the wrong blog. If you think I’m not a “true submissive”, then I’d prefer you to keep your opinons to yourself because I think that sort of talk is kinda sorta total bullshit.

  2. Ooh, palemale said you weren’t a “twue” submissive! It’s the submissive police! Not that you need defending (you did a pretty nice job), but I’m glad to hear you say that both your and Belle’s needs and happiness are important. The self-abnegating submissive IS BS to me, and it’s good to have people say they’re in this at least in part for what they get out of it, and not just “to please”.

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