Weekly Woof #4

I was on a roll with the Weekly Woofs there for a while, but kind of fell off the wagon. Without further ado, here’s the fourth installment.

I must begin with January Jones. Belle is well aware of my type. In case you’re wondering, look up. There she is. The black teddy helps, as does the disheveled hair. There is a definite domme-y vibe coming off her in this picture. At least, I like to think there is…

While there’s nothing particularly D/s about this image, I find that I like the ones where she’s got a grip on him and is putting it in (or, depending on your POV, pulling it out). I like the suggestion that she’s got the control even though he’s got the dick. It’s still her tool to wield. Bonus points for the glistening, enveloping lips.

Good god, what’s not to like? Yes, I know it’s an innocent moment captured in a way to suggest things that aren’t there, but let’s just pretend for a moment they are there, shall we? That the blue guy is the red guy’s bottom and he’s forcing him to act the part in front of the entire school. I love where Red’s hand is poised, the look on his face, the bulge in his suit. I love Blue’s upraised ass, arching back, muscular shoulders, and his tentative look back to see what Red’s about to do to him.

I mean, seriously. Fucking hell. Plus, you know, wrestling. Woof indeed.

There are a metric shit-ton of strap on pics out there, but only about 2.6% of them are actually hot. This is one. I just love the harness, her tits, the barest hint of ribs and, of course, the big black dildo. The lighting is exquisite. Her hair is lovely.


There is no more vulnerable a position for a man to be in. All his most tender bits are exposed. This particular guy has some tasty looking bits. He looks so willing and so wanting. For what? Is he about to be flogged? Fucked? Whichever, he is yours. Sexy.

Another one that could be seen differently, but to me she’s on round four of a marathon tease session. He’s all tied up and exhausted, but she’s going to make him go a few more rounds. Maybe it’ll be her mouth this time, maybe the Fleshlight, maybe she’ll even ride him, but whatever happens, there’s no way he’ll be coming any time soon. Maybe not ever.

More smut like this can be found on my Tumblr blog, Thumper’s Portfolio. Previous Weekly Woofs can be found here.

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