Three things that suck

The three things that suck for me right now:

  1. I’m sick. Like, flu sick. And that really pisses me off because a week ago I got a flu shot. I’m so sick that I didn’t even have an erection for 36 hours starting Saturday night. The penis never felt smaller bouncing around in the voluminous tube. Illness-induced shrinkage, I’m sure.
  2. Belle was on her period all weekend. Like, in the “no, please don’t touch me” kind of way. They’re not always like that, but combined with my aforementioned illness, there was no joy in Thumperville.
  3. My Belle Fille’s in The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels on the Porciúncula River (AKA, Hollywood, baby!). I hate being away from her. Hate it hate it hate it. Plus, I forgot to ask for the Token before she left, so assuming I recover, I’ll be limited to porn. No touchy.

Friday night, we discussed letting me try the PA-5000 again for the weekend. I’m thinking my issues might have been caused by using a 4ga PA hook. I wanted to try a thinner one to see if it’d make a difference. But, she forgot. I forgot. It never happened. And I was sick. And she was all gross period feeling. And now she’s gone.

OK, pity party over. Back to the game shows.

2 thoughts on “Three things that suck

  1. Wow, like seriously too creepy. Last week I was laid up with a high fever and flu like crap, and it was 3 days after that dam flu shot. I could not stand to have my device on, but there it stayed. Now this week she has the rag. Tuesday marks the 40th day for me, and it is a new record each day. Maybe this weekend…

  2. Well, the shots are supposed to give you the disease, but only as a mild form. That’s how they work. By teaching your body how to handle it with its own immune system. Sometimes it’s just too much…

    Sorry for you, Thumper! Especially since Belle is away.

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