That was fast…

Turns out, the free version of Survey Monkey only allows me to see the first 100 responses. Even though there are more than that, I can’t see them unless I cough up $200. It’s not that I don’t love you all, but it’s not worth $200 for me to see the extra responses. I’m sure you understand.

The good news is, 100 respondents in 24 hours totally blows away the response from last year (if not in quantity, at least in rapidity). Without any more ado, here we go…

1. As what gender do you identify?

This is remarkably consistent. Two years ago, it was 70% male, last year it was 72%. This year, 69%. Interestingly, it seems to me that if I were only to go by the comments I get, I’d assume there were many more women. Perhaps they’re just more willing to talk back to me than the guys.

2. What is your age?

Most of you are between the ages of 24 and 45 (65%) while another 26% are 46-65. Two said they were older than 65 and 7 younger than 24. I say good for both the young and the old. Those numbers are slightly younger than last year. Fifty-six percent were between 24 and 45. That’s essentially what it was two years ago, too.

3. How do you identify, kink-wise?

Fifty-three percent of you say you’re subs and only 11% say your dominant. Twenty-nine percent are switch and 22% mark yourselves as “curious”. Five percent are either other or not kinky. If you’re not kinky, why are you here? And if you’re other, what the hell are you? These numbers are also quite consistent from the past two years.

4. Do you or your partner wear a chastity device or have you or any of your partners ever worn a device in the past?

Fifty-seven percent say yes, 42% say no. That’s slightly higher than last year’s 52%. They types worn are about what you’d expect. Lots of CB-x000 plastic and, among the steel types, mostly Mature Metal and Steelworxx. Lori got in there a few times as did the various silicone devices. Very few said they’ve worn a full belt. The famous line from The Graduate is apparently still true today.

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how kinky would you say you are?

Two years ago, the average response was 6.7 and last year it was 6.4. This year, it’s 7.0. Nobody said they were a one and only two said they were a two. Seven percent rated themselves as Kinkosaurous Rex.

6. Where would you place yourself on the Kinsey Scale?

The average response to this was 1.29 and 1.39 in each of the past years. This time, it’s shot up to 1.67! Hey, it’s progress! It was helped out by a record 11 people who said they were exclusively homosexual. This turns me on because I think gay chastity would be really fucking hot. In any event, as has been the case previously, I’m at least twice as gay as the average one of you.

7. How much do you enjoy (or not) reading the following types of posts on Denying Thumper?

I won’t give you all the numbers because it’s quite the eye chart, but “Descriptions of chastity/denial’s effects on Thumper’s emotional and physical state” is, by far, the most popular content. The least popular is HNThumper, but that’s not going anywhere. I like to show off.

8. How often do you visit or read Denying Thumper?

A larger number than ever read my blog via an RSS syndicator, so this question is becoming less relevant, but 76% of you said once a day or a few times a week. One of you said it was your first time. Hi, newbie!


In the open-ended comment box, I received the usual number of “atta boys” which are, as usual, very nice to read and greatly appreciated. Here are a few I chose to pull out, some with my reply.

What I like most, and what I come back for, is to hear ‘how things are going for you’… it is non-specific and covers a wide range of your posts. It is interesting to get inside someone else’s head and relationship and hear your honest account of it, and obviously the impact of chastity on all this is key to how you process things

I don’t know how I stumbled across the blog, through the portfolio I suspect. But the thoughtful level of the writing, as well as learning about something completely new & outside of my experience is what keeps me coming back to read you

Find the dynamics absolutely fascinating. Personally, have great problems with depression which has killed the sex drive almost completely.. wonder sometimes if I went into chastity.. what that would do to the headspace.. both sex and depression. It certainly seems to affect yours in a major way!! Keep up the good work !!

Chastity and depression. Hmm. I don’t know enough about depression to be able to comment in a more than cursory way, but I’d be afraid of messing with already touchy brain chemistry. It’s sometimes a huge mind-fuck to be chaste as I am and it’s caused me to feel temporary bouts of depression. It does, though, do wonders on the sex drive!

You have the gift to capture the emotional complexity of chastity into words on paper. You make it look easy to explain what is going on. Thank you for sharing that gift with us!

It’s not always easy and I don’t always feel like I’m doing all of it justice, but it’s a real pleasure to hear that others are enjoying it.

How about an “Ask Belle” post, where we ask questions and she answers them later on?

There were a few comments along this line. Fortunately, Belle has agreed to answer specific questions from my readers every once in a while. But not yet – I’ll let you know when you can ask. She says she reserves the right to answer as many as she wants to, though.

Once again I’d like to say that your site is great and has helped me figure out my own brand of denial. Great stuff.

Everyone’s brand is different. I’m thrilled you’ve figured out yours!

I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to updates. I wish you would reply to comments more regularly. I like interacting with the blog’s author.

Yes, I’m not very good at that recently. Honestly, since The Troubles I’ve not been overly interested in being social on sites like Chastity Forums or even here with my readers. I feel as though some of that is getting easier for me now, so it won’t appear as though I’m being stand-offish much longer. Also, some comments from readers don’t actually require me to say anything in response. Hopefully, I’m not coming off as rude. I really do appreciate comments from my readers.

I’d only like to say thank you for your open honesty about your personal journey. Your blog voice is extremely listen-worthy and is what drew me in to the idea of chastity. You “normalized” the concept. I really dislike the term “normal”, but compared to the more outlandish side of this kink called chastity – that’s what description fits best.

It should be normal, shouldn’t it?

I am 72 and beyond being able to have a voluntary erection but have been teasing my wife about her having me in chastity. I need a little motivation to do her bidding. I love to go down on her ( she gets multiple organisms before she dismisses me ) and want her to tie me up but she is so reluctant to do so. I read all the posts you distribute.

Sir, you are an inspiration to me. Truly. Thank you for your comment! I hope she’ll start tying you up soon! Maybe try cuffs and straps. They’re a little easier to finagle than ropes and knots.

Any chance of a HNT Belle?

I am told there is not a chance in hell of that happening. Sorry!

I haven’t read your complete blog, but I was wondering if you two have ever tried one of those dildo harnesses that allow a man in a chastity device to service his partner via vaginal-dildo(inal?) penetration? Reading about the few times that Belle’s allowed Thumper a very quick orgasm in her, I’m curious whether penetration just isn’t that big of a thing for Belle or if Thumper’s franticness during those times of release are entertaining enough. Thanks for sharing this part of your lives with us, and good luck to you both!

Regarding strap-ons, check this out. Penetration is a big deal to her, but I’m apparently very good at getting her off in other ways. Were it possible, I’m sure she’d prefer her cock over anything else, but life is about trade-offs.

As a female only “incidentally heterosexual” (I like that phrase and will be stealing it), it’s interesting to me how much I enjoy reading your writing. I don’t regularly read any other chastity blogs, but something about your style and honesty has really caught my interest, and yeah, turns me on. Maybe by next year I’ll figure out exactly why. Keep it up!

I’ve enjoyed following Belle’s growth in her role as your domme, particularly when she throws something unexpected at you (virtual chastity!). I went back to the beginning and read the whole blog, and lord knows you guys had some rough patches. I applaud your perseverance and wish you continued happiness.

The whole thing! Imagine.

If you left me a comment sometime today, chances are I didn’t get it due to Survey Monkey’s cut-off. If you really want me to get it, please use the feedback form.

Thanks to everyone who participated! It was fun, wasn’t it?

7 thoughts on “That was fast…

  1. $200?!!! Wow! Last time I used it, it was cheap over 100, like $20…

    Stupid monkeys and their unions!

    Thanks for the summary, though!


  2. Hey, little rabbit,

    I just checked with the monkeys, you can sign up for the Select monthly plan and cancel it immediately (it will stay active for a month only), so it will only cost you $30.

    Not sure if you will want to reopen the survey (or if we are worth $30… *sniff*), but since the response to it was so outstanding, I thought I would pass this on anyway.

    @Sexyblue: Thanks for the Google form tip, I might have a look at that option also.


    1. You know, if the results were trending anywhere other than pretty much exactly where they’ve been for the past two years, I’d do it, but they aren’t. I think the Google tip is a good one, too. Hopefully, next time around, I’ll remember it.

  3. Sadly for interesting results, I’m a straight chick but at least I could have strengthened your dom representation… if those damn monkeys weren’t so greedy.
    However, this is the part I decloaked to say,
    I like HNT

  4. I’m with dishevelleddomina. Straight Domme chick; however, I had been offline for a couple of weeks and didn’t get to participate in the survey. So…yay. Also, I like HNT too!

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