Do egrets regret?

Looking through the survey responses, this question popped out from the several comments left at the end:

Do you ever regret choosing orgasm control?

Absolutely not. Zero percent. Nada. My only regret is that we could not have started it earlier. Like, maybe the night of our first date.

Which is not to say it’s always been easy. It hasn’t. Read some of the older blog entries and see for yourself. But right now, it’s all been more than worth it because my heart is filled with love, devotion, gratitude, and a sense that I am unbelievably lucky. I feel this quite keenly.

Speaking of the survey, it’s already received nearly as many responses in its first day as it did last year and nearly twice as many as it got in the first year. I probably won’t keep it open for a couple weeks as planned, so if you’re game, go take it now the survey is closed!

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